Dec 9 2013 3:15pm

Kelsier Gets into an Axe Fight in New Brazilian Mistborn Cover

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn The Final Empire Brazil

Artist Marc Simonetti has revealed his cover art for the upcoming Brazilian edition of Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson, and it looks amazing. Simonetti has captured a tense battle between the Mistborn Kelsier and a cell of Steel Inquisitors high above the streets of Luthadel. Although the cover has no sign of Vin, the series’ protagonist, the artist has stated that the covers for all three books will combine to form a complete triptych. We look forward to the finished product! Mistborn: The Final Empire, first novel in the epic Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, is being released in Brazil by Leya Brazil.

Check out the full illustration below.

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn The Final Empire Brazil

1. TimG44
Interesting. I always wonder whether the cover artists actually read the stories that they provide covers for. It looks like it could be Vin's showdown with the Inquisitors in The Hero of The Ages, but I don't recall any scene where Kelsier battles 5 Inquisitors. Also those look like steel axes, obvious ramifications, not obsidian. I guess that although this is nice work, it just doesn't match the image I've painted in my head.
2. Franco
Wish someone edited them in Argentina
Harry Burger
3. Lightbringer
Pretty cool, I like the coins scattered. Even better would be if somebody was getting hit with a coin, or they were clearly being Pushed (motion blur) and not just falling, or if Kelsier was moving up or sideways, not just falling.
Ben McSweeney
4. Inkthinker
In most cases, artists don't get a chance to read the stories they work on.

When a book is being released for the first time, the text may not be entirely finished when the artist is contracted. The artist gets a few paragraphs or a description, and it's up to the Art Director to try and keep them on target (against a lot of interests, amongst which "accuracy" is lower than "timeliness", "saleability" and overall finish quality).

Even if the story is finished and available to the artist, they may not have time for (or interest in) reading the entire book... contract artists usually make money through volume, any particular cover is just one of many works they may need to complete that month.

In some cases, the artist is familiar with the material (or they've got enough references) that it's possible to be accurate to the characters, but the artist chooses (or is directed) to illustrate a unique scene that evokes the "flavor" of the novel rather than a particular moment.
A.J. Bobo
5. Daedylus
Accurate or not, Steel Inquisitors are CREEPY things. Every picture I've seen of them freaks me out a little bit.
7. Monolith
Kelsier looks really chilled. Like he could be relaxing on a deckchair. A battle scene on a cover should at least convey some tension, shouldn't it?
8. La-Plume
Love the cover. Way better thand the original hardcovers I've got home...

The full picture featuring the three covers in one can be viewed on the artist's deviantart page here:

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