Dec 13 2013 2:05pm
Bloomsbury’s New Harry Potter Illustrator!

Jim Kay, Hogwarts

Harry Potter is being reimagined at Bloomsbury by a brand new artist! Award-winning artist Jim Kay has been asked to fully illustrate new editions of the Potter series. Check below to see what tiny eleven-year-old Harry looks like!

Here is Kay's first released image of Harry, which might be the first appropriately child-like image we've seen for book illustrations. We're looking forward to more!

Jim Kay, Harry Potter

Niall Alexander
1. niallalot
Touched on this in this week's British Genre Fiction Focus. Of particular interest to readers outside the UK: Bloomsbury are in touch with Potter publishers around the world to make this repacking even bigger business. September 2015, folks. Save the date!
Rich Bennett
2. Neuralnet
Ugh, so now hogwarts is being held up by trees?!? and Harry looks more like he is 8 or 9... Just a little too young for 11. Guess Bloomsbury needs the money :(
alastair chadwin
3. a-j
I'm just pleased an illustrated version is coming out, whether I like the actual illustrations or not. The loss of illustration to childrens' books (never mind adult fiction) I find a great shame. There are great artists out there (Chris Riddell for example) and older books such as the Mervyn Peake illustrated Treasure Island are an absolute joy. And imagine Dickens without the original pictures!
Bring back illustrated fiction, my call for 2014:)
LT Tortora
4. Lucubratrix
I think Harry looks like a credible eleven-year-old in this picture--of course, eleven-year-olds all look awfully young to me. I'm less fond of the Hogwarts picture, but oh well.

And yes, bring back illustrated books!

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