Nov 11 2013 1:45pm

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Have Been Holding Out on Us

Patrick Stewart, Midsummer Night's Dream, OberonBehold, a thing you’ve always wanted... see, while Star Wars was in movie theaters in 1977, Patrick Stewart was in a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream playing king of the fairies. In a loincloth. Man, Picard was ripped back in the day.

Of course, Stewart is currently on stage in New York performing Waiting For Godot with longtime friend Sir Ian McKellen. So we thought we'd see if we could round out this photoset set accordingly—

Oo, look what we found...


According to an adorable joint interview the duo gave to the New York Times, Stewart claimed that McKellen was “the most gorgeous young man on the British stage” in his early years (which made Sir Ian all blushy and adorable). We went looking for photographic evidence and came up with this little gem:

young Ian McKellen


Kristoff Bergenholm
1. Magentawolf
Wait, wait, wait, what is this? Waiting for Godot being performed by these two gentlemen?

I believe I may have to overcome my ingrained hatred of New York and SEE THIS.
2. mirana
These photos are awesome! Man, I wish we had decent theatre in my city.

@MagentaWolf If you follow Patrick Stewart on Twitter, he often posts photos for the production or just of him and Sir Ian hanging out, having fun. It's awesome.
3. BonBon
If I had external genetalia I would be unable to walk around in polite company right now. M E O W.
Amal El-Mohtar
4. amalmohtar
I saw their Waiting for Godot in Bath a few years ago, and it was magnificent.

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