Nov 20 2013 6:00pm

io9 Has Ranked Every Doctor Who Episode Ever!

Doctor Who, Caves of Androzani

Over at, Charlie Jane Anders has ranked every single Doctor Who adventure in television canon, one at a time, from best to worst. As bold undertakings go this is pretty staggering, but we're sure you all will have your own opinions on the list—what belongs where? And what do you base your rankings on? Talk to us, Whovians!

Deana Whitney
1. Braid_Tug
That... hurts my head just thinking about it!
Walker White
2. Walker
The list heavily favors new Who over classic (though a classic is number one). A lot of disagreement between this list and the Tor revisited series.
Emmet O'Brien
3. EmmetAOBrien
I can agree with a fair bit of that list, but putting "The Angels Take Manhattan" anywhere out of the bottom five makes it clear that the criteria here are enough different from my tastes to make it of very limited use in assessing episodes I've not seen.
Walker White
11. Walker
The problem with these lists is that Doctor Who has had so many different styles over the years that people can like episodes for very different reasons. Sometimes for action. Sometimes for character development. And sometimes for good old campy fun. This makes the episodes incomparable.

For example, I have a guilty pleasure that is way down on everyone's list: State of Decay (2nd in the E-Space trilogy). I loved it as a kid and have rewatched it recently. For what it is, it has held up a lot better than many of the classics (such as Pyramids of Mars, which feels really slow in places). Sure, the plot is straightforward and the characters are nothing special. But the scenery chewing is glorious fun. It has some of the best Doctor/Romana banter in the series. And it it has the Hammer style down. This episode gives me more enjoyment than almost all of the 9th Doctor's episodes.
Brian MacDonald
12. bmacdonald
I'm stunningly impressed that anyone did this at all. I've spent the last year watching all of the existing episodes (except for the 5-6 that Netflix refuses to send me), and it's amazing that anyone would even attempt to rank them. How do you compare "Blink" to "The Massacre"? They're barely even the same show. While I had some minor disagreements with the list -- I like "Vengeance on Varos" a lot less than everybody else, and "The Web Planet" a lot more -- the beauty of it is that everybody's opinion is valid.
13. cj_wildcat
The hard thing about these kinds of lists is that I have a handful that I would love to assign the #1 spot to - but you can only give that one story. And, like has been pointed out, everyone has different favorites and tastes. I tend to enjoy the black-and-white stories moreso than most people ("The Keys of Marinus" ranks high up there as one of my favorites, as does "The Romans" and "The Crusades" - I'm a sucker for the pure historicals) and I adore the Peter Davison years. On the flip side, I think "The Talons of Weng-Chiang" is terribly overrated and - at the risk of having my Whovian Card confiscated - I really don't get the whole fannish giddiness over "City of Death" (it's a fine story, I'm just not sure why everybody loses their crap over it). Then again, I'm one of the few who totally loved "The Rings of Akhaten" this past season and I don't mind "Daleks in Manhattan" so much. But things like "The Caves of Androzani," "Blink," and "The Doctor's Wife" are total masterpieces in my book. So, yeah - you're never going to please everybody with these kinds of lists. But props to Charlie Jane Anders for taking on the challenge!

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