Nov 12 2013 6:30pm

Artist Breakdown for the Visual Effects in Gravity

Gravity behind the scenes Alfonso Cuaron visial effects

Count me in as one of those that cringed anytime someone spoke during Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. Which was such a shame, as the film was breathtaking otherwise. The video below is an in-depth breakdown of the visual effects and shows just how “hand-made” the movie was. Incredible work... Now if someone could just dub the movie with better dialog, we’d be set!

Scott Silver
1. hihosilver28
Huh. I really enjoyed all the aspects of the movie. The dialogue was definitely no frills, but it didn't take me out of the movie, and I wouldn't change it. Loved Clooney's lines and his readings.
Levi Guy
2. Levi Guy
Darn! I waited until tonight and the video is down! D:

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