Nov 8 2013 1:20pm

New Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Teaser Drops Another Clue

Doctor Who 50th anniversary teaser

The BBC has just released a teaser clip from “The Day of the Doctor,” Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special. A full trailer is coming on Saturday but until then this teaser gives us a few things to chew on. Watch it below.

A painting of Gallifrey! Perhaps during the Time War?

But who is the woman behind the Doctor, wearing a version of the Fourth Doctor’s scarf? And what does the speaker mean by the painting being “Elizabeth’s credentials”? And where oh where is Rose?

Lesley Arrowsmith
1. Lesley Arrowsmith
Might the speaker be Kate Stewart of UNIT? And might Elizabeth be the girl in the scarf?
Thomas Thatcher
2. StrongDreams
We know from the Mickey Smith episodes that there are people on Earth who have been tracking the Doctor. Maybe the girl in the scarf is one of those people. The soldiers are probably UNIT, although it's odd that they have seemingly taken over a museum. (If the painting is classified, why haven't they confiscated it? If it is in an art gallery or museum as an interesting landscape, of interest only to Doctor, why cover it up for a dramatic reveal.)

Anyone have a recording of Kate Stewart's voice from earlier episodes?

Oh, and if that is a painting of Gallifrey during the time war, and therefore "impossible" as everyone who could have seen it except the Doctor is dead/never existed, then how does Clara know it's impossible? Was she brought up to speed on the Time War at some point?
Lesley Arrowsmith
3. James Moar
Was she brought up to speed on the Time War at some point?
After the events of The Name of the Doctor, she knows what Gallifrey looks like. She might have seen the Time War, too.
Lesley Arrowsmith
4. Jake3295
Give that Queen Elizabeth is confirmed as appearing in the special I think it's safe to assume that's who they're referring to. I'd guess this is the same sort of using paintings to communicate across time scenario that was used a few seasons ago.
Chris Lough
5. TorChris
There's a new picture of Elizabeth 1 in the episode, along with three other new shots from the special that you can see here. There's also more detail about how the episode starts.

Kate Stewart is indeed in the episode, as well. The girl with the Baker scarf is actress Ingrid Oliver, who is supposedly playing a character called Osgood? I wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be part of a L.I.N.D.A. type group.
Marilynn Byerly
6. MByerly
Could the girl in the Tom Baker scarf be a docent at the Doctor Who museum? (The person, not the show)
Lesley Arrowsmith
7. ScottHallo
Other than having been dispersed through the Doctor's timestream (she's BEEN to Gallifrey and seen the Citadel)....she also had that moment in JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE TARDIS when she came across a book about the Time War, and told him later she knows about him more.
Lesley Arrowsmith
8. Lynne Stringer
Well, that was short ...
Thomas Thatcher
9. StrongDreams
@7, I haven't actually seen the Clara episodes (don't get BBC America and haven't shelled out for the online content) but I thought that the book in JTTCOFT was an averted timeline and it wasn't clear how much she remembered. As far as dispersing herself through the timeline, does she suddenly remember every action of all her past lives? Because neither she nor her other lives remembered before.
Lesley Arrowsmith
10. UncleIgmar
OK - the voice speaking is Kate Stewart - the girl in the scarf is her aide-de-camp - the painting is a depiction of the Time War - "Elizabeth" is Queen Elizabeth I. Speculation: The credentials - AKA the painting - was left by 10 as a message to any bincarnations that followed that they might be needed at that Elizabethan point in time to assist him with something. Or something like that. :-)
Lesley Arrowsmith
12. Hergbon
Although I can't say for sure... The doctor did give Romana a version of his scarf with the brighter pattern style and extended white patch, just like the one the woman there wears. I think it was created by the producers expressly for her, but am unsure.

Could we be seeing a return of Romana and maybe a key to time tie in?
Rob Hansen
13. RobHansen
Weirdly, I visited Cardiff on the 7th and stood in the very room at the National Museum of Wales and stood in the very room where they filmed this scene.

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