Nov 15 2013 6:30pm

Batkid Fights the Riddler in San Francisco!

San Francisco transformed into Gotham today! A five-year-old leukemia patient named Miles told the Make-a-Wish foundation that, like all right-thinking people, he dreamed of becoming Batman. So with the help of over 12,000 volunteers, including San Francisco mayor Ed Lee, the Foundation turned the city into the setting for a great crime-fighting adventure.

Click through to see Miles’ adventure!

First, Batkid helped a larger Batman rescue a woman who had been tied to trolley tracks, but made sure he was the one who got the hug:

Damsel Hug


Then he assisted in tracking down the villain—the dastardly Riddler! 



Having secured the safety of his city, Batkid had lunch with Batman, chased the Penguin around AT&T Park, and finally met with Mayor Lee. Oh, and hang on—did we mention that Miles’ little brother got to be Robin?

Batkid and Robin

Cause there he is being the best sidekick ever. And the best part of the story? Miles’ leukemia is in remission, so he’ll be in good health the next time the city needs saving!

Batman, Batkid, and Batmobile

Check out more shots and video from Miles’ day as Batkid over at Buzzfeed and Laughing Squid!

Jennifer McBride
1. vegetathalas
All the awwwws in the world.

I wonder what Make-A-Wish would have done if the kid wanted to be Ras Al'Gul. I always wanted to take over the world, not save it.
j p
2. sps49
I wondered who the motorcade leaving the ballpark was for (plus the waterfront activity). How cool!!

ETA: vegatathalas, we would have to oppose your takeover, obviously! :P
3. Fuzzy_Dunlop
Faith in humanity: Restored

I may just have to do the Bat Dance.
5. ducky
Too awesome! I'm at work so I can't watch the vids, but I'm looking forward to them!
Jaay Vanmeer
6. JaayV
The whole world just went "AWWWWWW!!!!!!" because I know I sure did!

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