Oct 29 2013 10:30am

Tor Acquires Two More Mistborn Novels from Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson Mistborn New Books Release Date The Alloy of Law

Good news, Sanderson fans! Tor Books has just acquired two new books by bestselling novelist Brandon Sanderson, set in the world of his beloved Mistborn series. Like 2011’s The Alloy of Law, these novels will follow Wax and Wayne, a team of cowboy detectives who investigate crimes that arise in a Scadrial that is rapidly approaching modernity. More information, including an official statement from Brandon Sanderson and his editor Moshe Feder and a projected publication schedule, below the cut.

Brandon Sanderson:

I am enthusiastic to announce more Alloy of Law-era Mistborn books!

For those who don’t know, my writing process requires me to balance larger, more complicated books with shorter, more standalone books. By jumping between the two, I keep myself from being burned out on any one style of story—and that, in turn, keeps me excited about writing.

I expect the Stormlight Archive books to arrive far more regularly now that the Wheel of Time is done. However, one thing I’ve wanted from the beginning of the Mistborn series was to show the interactions of magic with technology and society through different eras of that world’s development. There is much more to explore with Waxillium Ladrian, his comrade Wayne, and their time period, so we’re going to stay with them for a couple more books.  I think you’re going to like what’s coming.

If you’re curious, I should have a longer blog entry regarding this topic posted on my website later today. [Update: Here it is!]

Thanks for reading!


Moshe Feder

Deep as I am in the process of editing of Words of Radiance, the next blockbuster in the Stormlight Archive series (coming next year!), I couldn’t be more excited that we’ve made our biggest deal ever with Brandon to acquire two more Wax & Wayne books, sequels to The Alloy of Law. The first is currently titled Shadows of Self. The prospect of an early return to Scadrial, the world where the Mistborn series takes place, is delightful.

I have a special place in my heart for the Mistborn books. They confirmed the promise we saw in Elantris and gave us and Brandon his first bestsellers. Like you, I wanted more Mistborn and, actually, that has always been Brandon’s plan.

The Mistborn series was conceived as a trilogy of trilogies. The first was set in what will eventually be thought of as Scadrial’s mythological past. The second will be set in Scadrial’s equivalent of Earth’s 20th century. The third will be in its high-tech future, roughly the Mistborn equivalent of Star Trek’s world. Obviously, the second and third trilogies are going to offer exciting opportunities for science and magic to combine and clash. I can’t wait to see what Brandon will do with that!

However, please don’t jump to conclusions. The Wax & Wayne books are not the second trilogy. Please think of them as bonus books, an unplanned and unexpected result of Brandon’s need to relax and refresh his imagination while completing the Wheel of Time and starting the Stormlight Archive. He started out to write a short Mistborn story just for fun, and it turned into The Alloy of Law, which we, of course, were thrilled to publish.

Wax and Wayne have their adventures about 75 years before the time of the second trilogy. The existence of this side branch to the main Mistborn sequence is more proof, as if we needed it, of the richness and depth of Brandon’s imaginary worlds. It’s going to be fun bringing it to you.


The next book, currently titled Shadows of Self, is tentatively set for release in the fall of 2014, with the third novel in the Wax & Wayne series following one year later.

2. Kirkland
WOW so excited and glad to hear that in addition to the Alloy of Law books, there will still be 2 more trilogies coming. Brandon you have become my favorite author, I love your work, keep 'em coming I can't get enough.
Dustin Freshly
3. Fresh0130
Well Brandon, just take all of my money why don't you!
Anthony Pero
5. anthonypero
Alloy of Law was the last hardcover I bought before I made the jump to eReader platforms. (I later purchased A Memory of Light in hardcover because, well, you know...). I still haven't read it yet. Guess I'll need to now at some point.
John Thompson
7. Fuzzy_Dunlop
In other news, Brandon Sanderson fell down some stairs last night, by the time he hit the last step, he had written another book and outlined a second before he stood back up.
Alice Arneson
9. Wetlandernw
anthony @5 - Yes, you should. It is now next on your reading list. ;)

It's a lot of fun. Lighter than his epics, and not quite so complicated to keep track of, but still with his wonderful magic systems (somewhat evolved from the first Mistborn books by now, 300 years later or so) and engaging characters.
10. Paronomasia
I love Sanderson's books. The book cover for Elantris when it came out was what actually got my attention. I picked it up, read a handful of pages, and walked out of the store having bought the book. An earlier Tor post quoted Wodehouse and his "Saga Habit." I enjoy Sanderson's work so much, but I wish some of his work would conclude after one trilogy (Mistborn) or one novel (Elantris).
11. burningcopper

This next Trilogy is NOT the second trilogy? At signings and other postings I've not heard this from Mr. Sanderson... In fact, he'd kind of led us to believe that this IS that next trilogy. Can we get this confirmed?
Matt Jarchow
12. jarchowm
Actually, I think Brandon has been pretty consistent in indicating that Alloy of Law fell outside of the official Trilogy of Trilogies. I recall him saying that before Alloy was released.
Anthony Pero
13. anthonypero
I'll try to find the blog post. I thought on his blog near the release he specifically said that Alloy of Law was NOT part of the second trilogy, that the second trilogy would have an Urban Fantasy feel, and this novella was more steampunk-ish.

@Wet: I've been finding it harder and harder to read fantasy lately. Don't know why. The last non-WoT fantasy that I read and just loved was Rothfuss. I've read a bunch of stuff since then... but most of it... I dunno. I've been reading a bunch of Scalzi and classic SciFi. They are so sparse in their prose that going back to fantasy is sort of like eating a cheesecake when you've been living on bread and water for months. The first bite is delicious, but by the third bite, you're just gagging on all the sugar.
David Foster
14. ZenBossanova
I always swing between SF and Fantasy. I recently read Brandon's short SF stories, and now I am reading through my SF anthologies and enjoying it. This way, I will be perfectly in the mood for Fantasy when Words of Radiance comes out.

Also, Brandon discusses the Trilogy of Trilogies in the video linked above. Is this going to become like when Douglas Adams released the 5th book of his increasingly inaccurately titled Hitchhiker's Trilogy? Alloy of Law is NOT one of the main Trilogies in the set of Mistborn Trilogies. Brandon being Brandon, I would not be surprised to see another trilogy suddenly appear here without warning!
Nadine L.
15. travyl
I wonder why M. Feder says "our biggest deal ever with Brandon"considering that these books will likely be (too) short as well.
I had thought the stormlight deal must be bigger, considering the scope of each book and the planned series?

I am of course very happy to hear of more books and Alloy of Law is great. I'm especially glad BWS will do them with tor: I'm still hesitant to buy non-DRM-free books, and I'm very happy that tor provides that, even if I'm (at the moment) happy with my kindle.
16. Somewheresouth
I hope Brandon Sanderson is one of the few authors that doesn't have to put up with irritating people telling him to hurry up and write instead of living...

Sometimes it seems like people needle him instead for writing so fast. I don't get it, I understand being jealous about his writing speed, but everyone has their own set of skills and quirks.

I'm looking forwards to more books. It's lovely having the internet for blog posts and updates in the meantime, and funny when all your favourite authors talk to each other.
Peter Ahlstrom
17. PeterAhlstrom
travyl: the "biggest deal" comment meant the amount of the advance per book, before factoring in performance bonuses.
18. DanielKerns
Wow this is great I've been waiting for word on these as I loved Alloy of Law.
Anthony Pero
20. anthonypero

Performance bonuses. Nice! I wonder how many authors ever get to "figure" those words, lol...
Orayelle Johnson
21. Orayelle
YEEEES! So excited, as always, to get a new book from Sanderson. He's taken over my reading list to the extent that anything else I read I find dull in comparison. Wax & Wayne are hilarious and I can't wait to read their next (unfortunately short) installment. Keep 'em coming!!
22. Ephidel
Regarding the 2nd trilogy, in modern times, Sanderson has actually given a lot of information about its premise so far. Its going to be about a sort of Allomantic SWAT team that goes after Allomantic serial killers or something. The main character is female I believe, and she's a misting, not mistborn. Her power is one of the ones not in the original trilogy. I believe it was Nicrosil, which is the alloy of Duralumin.
April Moore
23. aprildmoore
This is fantastic news! So happy that there will be more Mistborn books coming out to tide us over between Stormlight books!
24. jbux
@burning Brandon mentions that this is a side deviation in the acknowledgements of Alloy of Law.
25. Fox of the Eternalminded
This is... acceptable. But I am still not appeased. I need more Mistborn. The Stormlight Archives is coming along beautifully as well, in fact, all of his work is, but the wait for Mistborn is turning me off of his work altogether. One every few years is not enough. Not enough, I say!
26. tahlenri
-skrees- agh, i can't wait to buy these books already! D8

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