Oct 1 2013 9:45am

Smaug Speaks in New Trailer For The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug trailer

A new trailer has debuted for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Peter Jackson wants us to know that we are done tossing dishes around and admiring vistas, now it’s time for Real Talk, Middle-earth style.

Gandalf realizes he’s been had! Legolas is here and he maybe is being set up for a tragic love story origin with Tauriel! (Is that canon? Could it be? DISCUSS.) Thorin’s being a jerk! And Smaug SPEAKS and it is creepy. as. hell. Watch below.

1. RiverVox
Reminds me a little bit of a book I once read...
Toby Firth
2. scio
I know, what was it called again?
3. MisterPeabody
"The Unfinished Tales"
Bridget McGovern
4. BMcGovern
!!!!! I want Cumberbatch-as-Smaug to sing karaoke with Tim Curry-in-Legend in the worst way.
Walker White
5. Walker
I still prefer the voice in the animated version
Alan Brown
6. AlanBrown
Thorin is kind of a jerk in the book, so not surprised that he is a kind of a jerk in the movie. A jerk with smouldering good looks, but a jerk nonetheless. Who knows, maybe he will get a chance to redeem his behavior in the end...
I was not eager for the return of Legolas (or is the word 'pre-turn' for a prequel?), but now that I see him, I think it could work. For those of us who already know the story from the books, these new plotlines will add something interesting to the movie experience.
And visually, it is gorgeous as usual. Jackson has epic vistas down to a science at this point...
7. Petar Belic
I still prefer the voice in the animated version
I prefer to believe the animated version never happened...
8. WonderGirl
"Lord Legolas is a prince, out of thy star;
This must not be ... "
Walker White
9. Walker
@7 Petar

I agree that the animated version is flawed (though of all the animated Middle Earth films, it is the most watchable). I just really happen to like Smaug in that film.
10. Gorbag
Oh noes! Doncha mean, "The Unfinished Tails"? The ones attached to the coneys that Gollum brought Sam, and that Sam didn't use, and that got scorched by nassty hot fire and thus Gollum wouldn't eat?

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