Oct 28 2013 4:15pm

Supernova or Supernova?” Never-before-seen Star Wars Outtakes!

Harrison Ford, Han Solo, Star Wars bloopers

Halloween present! Someone has actually found Star Wars outtakes that were previously heretofore not on the internet (or on DVD box sets)! Rejoice!

Ever wanted to watch the unflappable Peter Cushing flub his lines? How about Alec Guinness? How about Harrison Ford eating a headset? Also, watching the explosions with sound on the Death Star set makes you wonder how everyone working on this film was not constantly fearing for their life. Respect.

We’re just gonna watch these on repeat for an hour or so.

Lynne Stringer
1. Lynne Stringer
That's fantastic!
Lynne Stringer
3. 2nihon's gone. Thanks Lucasfilm.

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