Oct 19 2013 10:00am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Halloween Trio

“The Tell-Tale Heart”: Edgar Allen Poe’s story narated by James Mason and animated by the UPA. Of course it’s a classic. (7:48 minutes)

“The End”: A scarecrow is on trial for being kind to the crows. (6:14 minutes)

“Chainsaw Maid”: A zombie breakout rendered in claymation glory...I mean gory. “Chainsaw Maid” is violent, tasteless, gross...and very funny. (If you occasionally think that kind of thing can be funny.) (6:52 minutes)


“The Tell-Tale Heart”
Ted Parmelee (Narated by James Mason)


“The End”
Maxime Leduc, Michel Samreth, Martin Ruyant


“Chainsaw Maid”
Takeno Nagao


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