Oct 8 2013 2:30pm

Paul Pope’s Battling Boy T-Shirt Sweepstakes!

It's here! Paul Pope's Battling Boy hits shelves today, courtesy of First Second. We've shown you an excerpt and Kazu Kibuishi's review (along with Mordicai Knode's analysis of the book's ties to the roots of Golden and Silver Age comics). Now we want to give you a Battling Boy t-shirt, so that you can show off some awesome art from Paul Pope everywhere that you go!

We've got ten large T-shirts for you to win, modeled here on two Tor.com androids of different heights, Katharine and Carl, so that you can check out how they'll look. Comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on October 8. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on October 12. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Tor.com, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Mr Big
1. Mr Big
Does that come in XXX
Craig Duffield
2. Fansik
Large? Might fit, or might have to wait for #1 son to grow into it. Either way, I'm in (and thanks for including us Canadians!)
Mr Big
3. Sandra Campbell
So excited for this. The tshirt looks amazing.
Peter Tijger
4. Peter-Tijger
Wow, great shirt!!! Ordered the book already. I'm not qualified for the sweepstakes, lol :D.....but my money is wherever the shirt is for sale. :)
Mr Big
5. garzat
My son would love this ..... I love the way it looks....
Gordon Bingham
7. gordonbingham
Would look great with the ARC I won...jst sayin'...
Mr Big
8. clebooks
Swellegant shirt! Would love one!
Mr Big
9. Michael Brudenell
Sign me up. Looks cool.
Mr Big
14. Emily Dee
What the heck, I'm game.
Scott Silver
15. hihosilver28
Why not? I hope I win the book giveaway over this, though.
Mr Big
16. steev
just finished reading "battling boy"--how long do we have to wait for the second half???? shirt!
Mr Big
18. IntractableLion
Huge Pope fan and I'd love to win one, but I won the Haggard West contest and never got my book. Not holding out.
Katharine Duckett
19. Katharine
@18 A note for everyone who won the Haggard West sweepstakes: we've had trouble retrieving the winner names for that particular contest, so please contact me at katharine DOT duckett tor DOT com with the original copy of your winner notification email to claim your prize. Thanks!
Mr Big
20. IntractableLion
Thanks for the quick fix :)
Mr Big
21. kamandi
Please pick me! :)
Mr Big
22. divinebrown84
Yay! More Pope merchandise please!
Mr Big
23. NoteBook Blogairy
Have two teenagers that woud battle over this 'T'!!
Mr Big
26. Marty T Cahill
Mr Big
27. Eric_One
Just got back from Society of Illustrators. Paul Pope has original Battling Boy art up on the walls and will be speaking at Society on Friday...STOKED!!!
Greg Lincoln
28. glshade
So on board for this book and I'll totally take a shirt.....
Mr Big
29. Georgie
This looks awesome!
Mr Big
30. BP
I love Paul Pope almost as much as I love shirts!
Mr Big
31. NikkiWar
amazing art :D
Mr Big
32. Barbara Lima
Great shirt!
Mr Big
33. jkershen
Beautiful shirt. Large for me.
Mr Big
34. War Wizard
Terrific design and great marketing for the source material, love to be one of the lucky ones!
Mr Big
35. Tabz
That shirt is fantastic! Winning it would send me into delirious joy :p
Keith Pishnery
36. kpishnery
Bought the book yesterday on iBooks... was really hoping for it to be on Comixology digital. The iBooks version is ok... but the type looks really jagged.

Still it's great and the shirt looks awesome!
Mr Big
38. Shannon Baas
Cool shirt.
Mr Big
42. Colin Glendon
Those look freaking sweet, I love Paul Pope.
bob keck
45. ky2here
I must have one of these! Thanks for offering this.
Mr Big
46. Hansol
Those look really cool.
Mr Big
47. Linda M Brave
They look great in those shirts. I hope to have one too.
Mr Big
48. matkeltri
That's a gorgeous t-shirt!
Mr Big
52. Tracy L Davis
Love the T shirt!
Mr Big
Mr Big
54. Barbara A
Great shirt and would love to read the story.
Cheryl English
55. RoyalCheryl
Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, did I say how Awesome this shirt is? Just love it!
Mr Big
56. Kitteh
An awesome shirt that wouyld actually fit - I promise to wear it to work if I win!
Mr Big
57. Emily Weil
Love "Battling Boy", would really love to have the shirt it looks so great.
Mr Big
58. DARIA C.
EXCELLENT T-SHIRT...would love to get one.
Mr Big
59. Paul Sohn
Great sytle, great shirt! Hope I win one.
Mr Big
61. Amy DF
Nice! I would love one!
Mr Big
63. Darth Touma
Hats.. for bats.. keep bats warm..
Mr Big
65. leslie d
fun! yes, please.
Mr Big
66. angelicnytmare
Looks cool.
Allison Moyer
68. theloopylibrarian
My teenage son would LOVE that shirt! It's creepy AND fun. Thanks for the giveaway!
Mr Big
69. ronframpton
neat shirt
Mr Big
71. ZhyeGoat
Very, very nice! Gimme gimme pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!
Mr Big
72. Therewasme
Must own one of these
Mr Big
73. Jason Walz
I can't wait to read it!
...I'd love to wear it.
Mr Big
74. Craig Graziano
Bloody good shirt!
Mr Big
75. Karen Ulric
Awesome! The book is going to be a hit in my school library - it would be fun to booktalk in the shirt!
Mr Big
77. Troy Kinney
Love the comic and want to shirt!!!
Mr Big
78. jc1960
awesome shirt! I'll wear it proudly, thanks TOR!
Mr Big
79. Count Screwloose
Yes, shirt, win, please.
Mr Big
80. truckerofbc
Please please tell me you have a XXL for us big fellas!! :)
Mr Big
81. Christian Alejandro
Great shirt designs!
Mr Big
82. Corey Wittig
Met Paul and grabbed an advanced reader's copy at ALA Annual in June--great stuff! Can't wait for the next installment (and more t-shirts).
kathy pease
83. klp1965
Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)
Mr Big
84. david cosgrove
Great shirt and in my favorite two colors!
Mr Big
85. tracey johnson
that is a coll t-shirt
Mr Big
88. Andy loves Pope Comics
Love the shirt! and the book!
Mr Big
90. Angela Winesburg
Thanks for the chance.
Mr Big
92. Laura Emerson
I am so in love with this shirt!!!
Mr Big
93. Trisha McKee
Love this t-shirt! It would be an awesome win!
Mr Big
94. Corey Olomon
These shirts are so cool!
Mr Big
95. Gianna
Would love that shirt :)
Mr Big
97. MARY M.
I like this shirt.
Heather Cowley
98. cowleyh
This would make a great Christmas gift for the kinder, a smallish android.
Mr Big
99. PaulaMS
I love this shirt.
Mr Big
100. Wayne Lecoy
I am entering your giveaway.
It would be great to win
a T-shirt featuring art by Paul Pope from Battling Boy.
This T-shirt looks great.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!
Mr Big
102. Steven Stone
the shirt is really cool. thanks for chance.
Mr Big
103. Karen T Gonyea
Very Nice !!!
Mr Big
104. Savannah L-Breakstone
Very nifty!
Mr Big
105. Brenda Cushman
I love this t-shirt it is fantastic i could do a lot of battles in this one and win too!!
Mr Big
106. Crystal Wheeler
awesome design :D
barbara stenby
107. wikichoco
Sweet T Shirt! would love to win it for my son!
Mr Big
110. Monicalibrarian
They look awesome! Fingers crossed!

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