Oct 1 2013 3:30pm

Paul Pope’s Battling Boy Book Sweepstakes!

Battling Boy arrives to save Acropolis next week! You can finally get your hands on a copy of Paul Pope's highly anticipated graphic novel from First Second on October 8th, but we want to give you one of our ten copies right now.

Read our excerpt and our reviews (from Kazu Kibuishi and Mordicai Knode), then comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., and Canada (excluding Quebec). To enter, comment on this post beginning at 3:30 PM Eastern Time (ET) on October 1. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 PM ET on October 5. Void outside the United States and Canada and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Tor.com, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Mike Strom
2. Mike Strom
This looks fantastic! I can't wait to read it!
Mike Strom
4. jc1960
Looks like a winner, thanks TOR!
Mike Strom
5. TSC
Paul Pope is amazing.
Mike Strom
6. MT2013
May I please have one of your copies of Battling Boy?
Mike Strom
8. kamandi
I would like one, please.
Mike Strom
12. Jason X. Bergman
Been a fan of Paul Pope's since The Ballad of Doctor Richardson and Sin Tutulo. So a loooong time.
Mike Strom
18. TheAndy
Certainly want to get this
Mike Strom
19. slicnupeyeballs
Sign me up!
Michael Carter
20. Mcart
I would love to win this.
Please enter me.
Mike Strom
23. Zephyr Stone
Love the Pope!
Scott Silver
24. hihosilver28
This would be epic! After hearing about this book on Tor for weeks, I really want to check it out.
Mike Strom
27. clay@gradis.us
Yahoo Paul Pope is fun stuff
Mike Strom
28. grimrick
Would love to read this!!
Mike Strom
29. Twelve_Seasons
Me wantee!
Mike Strom
30. dean elliott
Loved the preview count me in.
Mike Strom
34. daddaaabou
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Eric Craddock
37. ebonecircus
Farewell, my battling boy! You know what must be done!
Mike Strom
38. Zeno
Would love to have this!
Greg Lincoln
40. glshade
this looks like so much nostalgic fun....
Mike Strom
41. Carla Pullum
This is awsome!!!
Mike Strom
44. wandering-dreamer
The preview sold me on it so commenting!
Richard Schatz
46. schatzfam
I have not really gotten into graphic novels. This looks like a fun place to start.
Mike Strom
47. ronframpton
need to read
Bruce Arthurs
48. bruce-arthurs
If it lives up to half the buzz around its publication, it should be pretty awesome.
Mike Strom
49. H.MAYO
Interesting concept!
Mike Strom
56. littlearashi
Would love a copy!
Mike Strom
59. The Green Yak
Oh wow, this looks awesome.
Mike Strom
60. AHump
I would love this!
Mike Strom
62. Darth Touma
I need something to read during the shut-down.. please...
Mike Strom
Peter Lam
65. Petor1
Lets go fight some giant monsters. Book please!
Mike Strom
69. tonygarza
My kids and I would love this......
Mike Strom
70. nearfetchd
Please enter me.
Mike Strom
75. jeremy mclaughlin
Would love to win.
Mike Strom
76. runner
GroovyPaul Pope!
81. TR Reed
I didn't have any luck with the the other two Battling
Boy Sweepstakes, third time's the charm!
bob keck
83. ky2here
I'm ready for a good graphic novel!

ky2here at msn dot com
Colleen Welander
84. colleen31
Keeping my fingers crossed. The excerpt was very interesting.
Mike Strom
85. Robby Rob
very cool! hoping to win!
Mike Strom
86. don hughes
great giveaway
Mike Strom
89. tymyrick
Kamandi would have been great, but this looks excellent.
kathy pease
91. klp1965

Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)
Debra Kidle
95. lubelle
Graphic novels are cool, love to win this!
Mike Strom
96. Reginald S
In the tradition of Kick-Ass comes Battling Boy!
barbara stenby
97. wikichoco
I am a huge fan of graphic novels & have quite the collection, I would love to add this one to it!
Mike Strom
98. Wayne Lecoy
I am entering your giveaway.
It would be great to win a
Copy of Battling Boy by Paul Pope.
This looks like an interesting book.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!
Mike Strom
101. Julie N
I feel lucky
Mike Strom
102. Rickie Hinrichs
looks like this could be good
Mike Strom
104. Denise D
So want this... :)

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