Oct 17 2013 3:30pm

To the Producers and Cast of Sleepy Hollow: Keep the Waistcoats!

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane Revolutionary War Uniform

We want to chime in on something of true importance to today’s society: Ichabod Crane’s period attire.

We’ll admit that initially we thought Sleepy Hollow sounded...silly. Ridiculous, even. But then we watched it, and the scales fell from our eyes, and we realized in a flash of blinding truth that this show is AWESOME. It is a sparkling one-of-a-kind beast that we stumbled upon, as if in a dream, and if we get too close, we fear it will vanish entirely. And we love it, truly, and we will stand by all of the decisions of its writers.


Please don’t put Ichabod in modern clothing. There was that scene, that worrisome scene, in Monday’s episode, “John Doe.” Ichabod gazed into a mirror, which if we were Ichabod is how we would spend all of our time, so we thought nothing of it. But then he asked Abbie if maybe he should update his clothing. She said, and we believe this is verbatim, “You look good for 200! But a change of clothes wouldn’t hurt.”

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod Crane Period CostumeWouldn’t hurt? Are you mad, writers of Sleepy Hollow whom we love and respect? His refusal to give in to modernity is part of what makes Ichabod so compelling! It’s a constant source of discomfort, a way to retain his fish-out-of water status, a poignant reminder of the wife life he lost in 1781, and a symbol of his determination to hold onto Katrina that life!

Plus, and we promise this is honestly only a tiny, half-formed thought in the back of our reptile minds, but Tom Mison really fills out a Revolutionary-War-Era waistcoat.

So stop scaring us, and just keep the period outfit. (Or at least the hair.) Thank you for your time, and the consideration of our plea.


The Sleepyheads of

Beth C.
1. Beth C.
To this, I give a resounding "Amen!"

I watched the first show with pretty low expectations but I have absolutely fallen in love with this series. It's everything a good urban fantasy should be. Not only is Tom Mison pleasant on the eyes, but he can read the phone book to me and I'll listen to every syllable.
Beth C.
2. Qurtyslyn
Keep the coat definitely. But the shirt can change, it must get be getting a little old having to wash that one shirt all the time.

And it would be just a little bit funny to see a Ramones T-shirt underneat that overcoat.
Alyson Mahn
3. AyeJaySedai
Agreed on the coat and the hair, but it could not kill them look to put something more modern on underneath that. Plain button ups would work for the oxford cover.
Evie Manieri
4. eviemanieri
Seeing a razor in that blisterpack was the scariest moment in the episode, and ditching the coat would be like cutting Felicty's hair. There, I said it. TAKE HEED.
Beth C.
5. Pamvhv
Thank you! I already saw him eyeing those scissors. The hair goes I'm out. And I realize how ridiculous that sounds.
Beth C.
6. stargazer
I took Abbie's comment to be something along the lines of better hygiene oportunities. Not every culture has the same smell-tolerances and she's around him the most.

Considering how fascinated Crane is by things like lightbulbs and scotch tape... I'd love to see him interact with costumers at least in passing. I'm sure they could set him up with something appropriate.
Sadie Mason-Smith
7. Sadie_Awesome
If nothing else, Crane deserves the feel of modern underwear. I saw his old-school underoos and cringed. Those are his only pair, and he wears them to sleep.

If ever there was an item that needed a wash, those underpants would be it.
Beth C.
8. C.G. Powell
I totally agree. His clothes and hair are such a large part of his personna. If they do change his clothes and hair, I hope it's only slightly. I would think he would still want to dress in a style that is familliar to him.
David Gunter
9. spdavid
I just realized that you could make an entire show out of Ichabod Crane Goes To Walmart.Or a series where each week he's taken to some modern place etc we take for granted.Crane Eats McDonald's,Crane Flies Coach.Anyway,his look is too much a part of the show to be changed in some major way.I do agree that 240ish year old underwear must be rough.
10. BoxyFrown
Perhaps they could split the difference and find some more old school clothes, so at least he has a variety! But, I agree, at least keep the hair/coat combo and let the poor man sport some modern undies.
Beth C.
11. SwadianKnight
Keep the style, but someone please buy him some new digs. His current outfit must be getting rank after 250 years.
Beth C.
12. LizF
I'm 100% in agreement. Must keeps: coat, boots, hair, scruff!! Anything I can't see is fair game :D
Beth C.
13. Melanie Goldmund
Absolutely! They shouldn't change a thing. Not his coat, not his shirt, not his boots, not his hair, nothing! It just wouldn't be right to mess with perfection.
Paul Lewandowski
14. Snowkestrel
Ichabod Crane is not some savage from the past, to walk around with disheveled hair and dirty clothing. While we've seen him cleaning his shirt, several scenes have shown how dirty and damaged his coat is. He was buried in goop for 200-odd years while wearing it!

Crane comes from a time when men (especially upper class men such as Ichabod) paid special attention to their appearance - their hair, head and facial, in particular. I can't believe he wouldn't pull it back, at least.

With multiple mentions of the Amish already, would it be too far fetched to have Ichabod secure some traditionally made clothing from them?

Now, all that having been said (and disregarding my frequent complaints that he should have changed clothes by now), I would be satisfied by a throwaway line to explain his unwillingness to get new clothing, just so that we can keep him in his cool period attire. Maybe something about how flimsy our stuff feels in comparison...
Steven Halter
15. stevenhalter
Maybe we should go the other way and all start wearing coats like Crane.
Beth C.
16. Colonels
Better to have him encounter modern Revolutionary War reenactors.
Martie Hoover
17. martie2852
You want to do WHAT?! I agree with the smarter majority who say figure out how to leave the outerwear, hair and beard. If it ain't broke... but it would be fun to see them try to get him to choose something more modern underneath. Boxers or briefs?
Beth C.
18. thissideofgaudy
Do NOT change Ichabod one whit. This is a great show and I don't want to have to put up with silly changes. I agree with stevenhalter, we should adopt some of that style.
Beth C.
19. missallen
Oh, relax. They can either take Ichabod to a sutler's (Rev.War merchant at a re-enactment) or they can just order him some new duds from the BBC costume department. ; p
I'm just waiting for him to find out about electric toothbrushes and going to the dentist. Imagine Ichabod on happy gas at the dentist!!
Or going with Abbie for mani/pedis.
Beth C.
20. Savannah L-Breakstone
As long as they KEEP THE COAT DEAR LORD YES I really don't care if they "update" what he wears under it... and honestly, I think that depending on where he'd shop it wouldn't mean that big of a visual change. I know a half dozen boys in real life whose outfits, if you put that coat on top, would look pretty darn like Icabod's, except that the dark pants are dark denim instead. (I also think Abbie's side eye when he walks out looking so close to the same would be HILARIOUS.)
Jennifer Lynn
21. jennylynn
Please dont change Ichabod's period apparel to 21st century attire, you will lose the entire New England atmosphere of the show! If viewers want to see him 'change' his clothes, write in one of the scripts where Ichabod stumbles upon a crate with some British attire while he and Abbie are searching for tale-tell artifacts to stop the impending doom, lol!

My hats off the the casting manager, and especially the writers. First you have managed to keep the theme and the plot focused but not to the point that it totally eliminates any of the characters, i would like to see a little more of Icky's wife though, Katrina. But the writers keep me on the edge of my set week after week with this show, I told everybody and their cousin after the first time i saw it. MEN are watching this show!. Dont fade or fizzle out by like ONCE UPON A TIME in Storybrook has. Charming and Snow make me sick! The best thing about that show is Regina and Gold.

Anyway, I love the cast, Orlando Jones, who can be funny sometimes, adds a balance to the show, Abbie Mills is beautiful and smart and just cynical enuf to always get the best response from Ichabod. I like that she has a sister, please write more about Abbie's sister and Katrina, I know that you will and I cant wait for next weeks show! And Tim Mison is so ^%!%&()%# sexy its shameful!

Robert Orchi is an excellent producer. Somebody besides Quentin Tarantino that knows how to cast multi-racial actors that actually bring the right VIBE to the screen! Handle yo' biz ness Robert!
Even the 'extras' look like they are really into doin' their parts well. Dont you just hate to see when the cameras pan the crowd in a scene and the 'extras' look like they really dont want to be there?

Ya'll slammin' week after week in the 'HOllOW, keep it comin'!
Beth C.
22. nano
oh the writers could have so much fun with all the modern stuff while educating Ichabod and the viewers. The fact he is not surprised with all the technology leaves the viewer wondering why he is not curious say intelligent human as at the least curiosity about things and he is so oh hum. About the clothes have him go to a reunion concert of Paul Revere and the raiders and each one gives him an outfit. Now he can change. Also it would be interesting on his take of this band. There is so so much the writers can do and add some wonderful humor. After all they are human.
Jennifer Lynn
23. jennylynn
SMH~ (Shakin' My Head), EVERY WEEK, its incredible! I've watched 'The Santuary' episode and I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground!

I know that I am only one viewer but I want to enthusiastically thank the producers, writers and casting agents of this show for putting something on t.v that in my opinion is truly more than worthy of the 'BIG SCREEN'. You put more of Katrina, and Abbie's sister into the show, and you didn't just 'throw something' in, you gave it TEETH.

I love how seamlessly the show makes interchanging from Early American/British Historical to 21st Century Sleepy Hollow look. When in the E.A/B.H scenes, all the characters are in full colonial/British regalia! They have real lines and historical scripts! When in the 21st Century, the paranormal seems real and not 'hoaky'

The writers are thoughtful and seem very well informed and they take their time to get the perspective of the viewer or so it seems to me.

This episode was so well done, so many facets but NEVER, losing the focus of the storyline. I really loved the ending when Abbie and Ichabod came away from Katrina's ancestrial home, they had a quiet moment to reflect on the Thanksgiving Holiday (well done!) from their individual perspectives. And once again balancing all of that out was Orlando Jones part where he is on the border of losing everything with his family that Abbie and Ichabod which they had! I LOVE IT! It actually brought me to tears!

This seems to be a show that will actually be watched with the same kind of following as Alfred Hitchcock movies, at least I hope so, the quality of the show is that way to me.

I dont' know what else I could possibly say about this show, except again THANK YOU!
Beth C.
24. Yuan Mei Hua
I can't refrain from commenting that, at least in the 'hero' costume, Ichabod does not wear a waistcoat.

I feel the costume is integral to the character and hope that it will not be completely lost. It is part of him. I imagine that his wife might have made some pieces for him or at least had a hand in selecting them, so they would have some sentimental value for him.

Should the writers feel it necessary to give Ichabod a change of wardrobe, I hope that the mandate from the producers will be to keep his new costume thematically similar to the old. But I see no reason why his Colonial clothing couldn't be cleaned and repaired and worn for some time to come. I am sure it was better made than modern mass-produced clothing.

And Tom Mison is quite attractive in period attire.
Beth C.
25. jennylynn
THE 2 hr Season FINALE, just went off 7CST. The HOLLOW absolutely went out with a BANG!


If this show doesn't walk off with "Best Everything" (Director, Producer, Cast, etc...) in awards, I'll be truly shocked.

Have a great hiatus (hope i spelled that right) !

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