Oct 1 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: You Forgot Serenity—Oh Wait, Found It!

Spaceship comparison size Dirk Loechel

Dirk Loechel is apparently a very patient man. This is just an extremely small sample of his still in-progress chart comparing images of every starship ever  so you can see how the Enterprise stacks up against Spaceball One, or how Cygnus from The Black Hole compares to Galactica (either one!). And if you stare at it long enough, the tiny stars that appear before your eyes will make the whole experience even more realistic.

In today’s Morning Roundup we’ve got an update on Doctor Who, some ambiguous news about John Constantine, and a hero who wants to fight addiction!

Chris Nelly
1. Aeryl
No, I really don't care what Jim Starenko thinks about Agents of SHIELD.

I get it, he helped create Nick Fury, so he's personally invested. But he's also a privileged old white dude with NO INTEREST in the story they are trying to tell, because they aren't telling his.

Yes, he makes some accurate points(cookie cutter women (good lord dude it's a PILOT), Coulson's not Fury (and thank god, Jackson's portrayal is good in doses, week in and week out would be aggravating) but he wants a story with a Manichean outlook(Don't know who to root for? Root for everyone), I guess so he doesn't have to think too hard, and thinks the best ending would have been for Peterson to be shot, and doesn't want to think through the social, racial, and class implications of the show? Find another show to watch dude, this one is not for you.
2. chaosprime
I was impressed with how the made the background of the starship size comparison chart one of the medium cargo bays of a System-class Culture GSV.
3. TK1123
Fictional starship sizes always struck me as an epic crapshoot. Authors throw numbers around and modellers paste on windows and pretty soon you have midgrade warships apparently larger than some suburbs entirely by accident and without any regards to what that means in terms of scaling laws, crewing, or the scale of the industrial base that produces them. 300m long seagoing vessels are *big,* and they don't have to be flung about at relativistic speed- however that works. A 10,000m long SuperUltra StarHammerDestroyer isn't a mighty battleship, it's an orbital habitat and a mighty tempting target.
4. MissPepper
I thought you'd actually found the Serenity, but alas, it's still not on there.
Chris Nelly
5. Aeryl
Case in point about Fury, last night. It just doesn't come across the same.

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