Oct 17 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup Wants to Retire to the Library Planet!

TARDIS-Book-Doctor-WhoWe found the best Tumblr bookstore ever at Geek-Without-Braces! Between the Game of Thrones sign and this TARDIS sign, we really just want to spend the rest of this autumn day in front of a fireplace with the largest possible mug of cocoa and the longest possible book...check out the rest of the signs here, and we hope you get to spend at least part of today reading!

Morning Roundup is an overstuffed burrito of links! We’ve got some updates on the Man of Steel sequel, the Guardians of the Galaxy film, and Neil Gaiman has some reading advice for kids!

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1. TheMadLibrarian
Where can I get that signboard on a shirt?!? I would wear it to work daily until it disintegrated.

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