Oct 24 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Will Krazy Bat Defeat the Evil Ignatz Joker?


Artist Paul Hostetler has created a thing of beauty in this Krazy Kat/Batman mashup. The comic is part of ComicBook ResourcesThe Line It Is Drawn” series, which asked people to send in recommendation for comics heroes and cartoon strips that needed to meet. Some of the other entries include Thor in the style of Hagar the Horrible, The X-Men transformed into Family Circus characters, and obvious favorite Batman as both Garfield and Snoopy.

Morning Roundup has updates about Panthers, news about Turtles, portraits of monkeys, and the scientific theory behind catching them all!

1. olethros
The best Batman/other comic strip mashup ever was Azzarello/Risso's Batman + Calvin & Hobbes from a couple of years ago.
2. Marla J.
Thank you, Tor, for bringing things to our attention that we might otherwise miss. What's more fun than Snoopy as Batman, or Ralph Dibny as Jon?

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