Oct 28 2013 5:00pm

Marching Band Has Been Won by These Movie Nerds—Everyone Else Go Home

Ohio State marching band, Superman

Okay, we know that marching band is a noble endeavor, attempted by only the most valiant souls. But for a good portion of the population... they just don’t get it. Why can’t you just play your music sitting down? Or standing in place?

Well, maybe because you could never form a walking, eating T-Rex that way. Or the Eye of Sauron. Or fighting pirate ships.

The Ohio State marching band is made up of a glorious team of geniuses who somehow figured out not only how to make pretty pictures while playing instruments, but also how to make them move. So there’s Superman stopping a building from toppling, Harry Potter catching a snitch, and a dinosaur flat out eating a person while they play the greatest hits from some of our favorite film series’.

We want them to play all of our parties from now until the end of time. Can we make requests for the next performance?

Via Reddit.

Thomas Thatcher
2. StrongDreams
They also did a tribute to classic video games earlier this year, also on youtube. (As well as Michael Jackson moonwalking(!), which isn't really genre unless MJ really was an alien, but still impressive.)

Note that the flag on the sinking pirate ship is their biggest rival, Michigan. And apparently, the guy who gets eaten by the t-rex is wearing a Michigan uniform, and the rex spits out the helmet. I obviously didn't watch it on a big enough screen.
Deana Whitney
3. Braid_Tug
That was just Great!!!

Only way to improve it? Have the Eye centered around the "O" on the field at 4:04.
Former bank geek self is jumping for joy.
Blake Harrison
4. Blake Harrison
This was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Mahesh Banavar
5. maheshkb
Super! :)

How do they do it? I find it difficult to walk in a straight line...
Alan Brown
6. AlanBrown
I was in a marching band in college, so I know how hard it is to do trick formations. And this creation was beyond anything our band ever did. Wicked awesome!
Steven Halter
7. stevenhalter
@5--Lot's of practice, but basically a combination of keeping your position relative to your neighbors and knowing where you need to go and the tempo and path you need to get there.
We never did anything nearly as ambitious as this. (High school 31 years ago)
Sean Dowell
8. qbe_64
No wonder 120,000 people go to college football games.
Anthony Pero
9. anthonypero
The don't call the Ohio State marching band "The Best Damn Band in the Land" for nothing...
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
10. Lisamarie
That was pretty awesome. And as a former Spartan, I approve of the U of M bashing ;)
Blake Harrison
11. Dr. Thanatos
As a high school and college band member (Marching Owl Band, Rice University---who were early adapters of weird comical shows rather than "march up and down the field until it's over") I appreciate the complexity of this show. I can't imagine the planning and practicing this took. And I'm glad as heck not to be the guy eaten by the T-Rex!

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