Oct 10 2013 5:12pm

When Jedi Kittens Fight, Everyone Wins

Jedi kitten

This 30 second Vine of two Jedi kittens rules our universe now. Good night!


3. Jennifer221342
This bothers me, because it looks like the cat's paws have been tied together. That's cold, man.
4. Joe1955
Their paws have been tied and/or taped together to hold the prop for making the light sabre in photoshop. What else was done to them that should be shouted at?
5. Darcienne
Their tails are between their legs. You can see them held up close to their bodies. These are not happy kittens! They're frightened at the very least, and no doubt uncomfortable. Not cool, people! Pretty damn sick, really. And you think this is a good thing, Stubby?

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