Oct 8 2013 2:15pm

Get George R.R. Martin’s Inside Straight for Just $2.99!

Inside Straight CoverNow you can get Inside Straight, edited by George R.R. Martin, for just $2.99! Inside Straight is the latest book in the Wild Cards series. In 1946, an alien virus was unleashed over the skies of New York City. It destroyed ninety percent of human life. Of the handful of people left, some mutated into terrible abomination. But a few discovered powers that were inconceivable to humanity before the plague.

In the latest adventure, continuity jumps forward to a new generation of major characters, entirely accessible to readers who have come to Martin’s work through A Song of Ice and Fire, and featuring all-original stories by Daniel Abraham, Michael Cassutt, and Stephen Leigh, and more, including Martin himself! 

The sale ends on November 1, so download Inside Straight today! 

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John Skotnik
1. ShooneSprings
Thanks for the sale notification, however Fort Freak is the latest book in the series (#21).
Amazon has the whole list, though sadly not all are available.
Rob Munnelly
2. RobMRobM
Correct. This is the first of the "rebooted" Wild Cards that started up as new works in the universe a few years ago. It's pretty fun - a bunch of people with special powers get cast on the "American Aces" reality show, with inter-personal dynamics issues a-plenty. Good stuff - I enjoyed it.
Steven Lyle Jordan
3. Steven_Lyle_Jordan
Maybe a bit more effort should've gone into this article:

The Wild Card virus didn't "destroy 90% of human life," but 90% of people who caught the virus died from it.

As ShooneSprings said, this isn't the latest Wild Cards book.

Probably the best thing about the most recent books, and the reissued first and second books, are the covers... worlds better than anything the series had in its initial run. The second best thing is that they're being released as ebooks; hopefully they'll manage that with the entire series.
4. Zombiejohnsus
Shame this sale doesn't apply to the UK.
5. Dragonrat
No offer for the UK?
6. Chuck Steel
The link for Nook is broken. There's a leading %20 in there and the colon is missing after http.

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