Oct 29 2013 5:30pm

Fiddlehead Sweepstakes!

Fiddlehead, the fifth book in Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century steampunk series, arrives from Tor Books on November 12, but you can get a galley right now!

Read an excerpt, then check for the rules below!

THE RULES: The first ten people to email their name and address to sweepstakes [at] tor DOT com will receive one ARC of the book listed above. Please make the subject of your email “Fiddlehead Sweepstakes.” Good luck! Do not comment in this post for the sweepstakes, and for safety reasons PLEASE DO NOT leave your address in the comments.

Maridele McKinney
3. Maridele McKinney
Can't wait for this book! Big Fan!
Maridele McKinney
4. BeckyK
Would love to score an ARC. I am an Amazon reviewer, blogger, and I review for Goodreads.
Maridele McKinney
5. Becky Wolf
Love it! Keep them coming Cherie.

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