Sep 4 2013 10:15am

Watch the Star Trek Into Darkness Cast Get Punked by Simon Pegg’s Neutron Cream Scheme

Star Trek Into Darkness, Neutron Cream, Benedict Cumberbatch

By now, many of us have heard the story of how Simon Pegg fooled most of the current Trek cast into applying “neutron cream” to their skin in certain scenes to prevent “ions in the air” from affecting them. The prank went so far that the makeup department and set crew were in on the gag, creating jars of the cream and getting the actors to jump up and down to shake the ions off. But for those of us who were hoping to get video proof of Benedict Cumberbatch's (and Jon Cho and Karl Urban) Moment of Shame, here it is in full technicolor!

It's certainly a blast to see someone so eloquent as Cumberbatch get put on for that length of time, but the reactions from Zachary Quinto, Jon Cho, and Karl Urban are equally priceless. In addition, Chris Pine's frequent giggle fits (seeing as he was in on it almost from the start) might be the darned cutest thing we've ever seen from a Captain of the Enterprise.

And for posterity sake, we offer images of Cumberbatch's utter confusion, and Zachary Quinto being precious while Scotty and Kirk laugh at him:

Star Trek Into Darkness, Neutron Cream, Benedict Cumberbatch

Star Trek Into Darkness, Neutron Cream, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby wants to make sure you're all wearing your tachyon cream.

2. jerec84
Haha, yeah. I was at Supanova in Sydney a couple of months ago and Karl Urban talked about this during his Q&A. Definitely a great story.
4. Randalthor66
That was priceless!!!!
5. pjnhojn
There is no video :(
6. Rajiv
The video has been deleted. :'(
7. ramatsu
I was really looking forward to this vid, but Paramount has removed it. To what end? What in the world is wrong with Paramount? Of course they wouldn't want fans spending more time engaging with their franchise in extracurricular (read: non-paid) experiences, what good could ever come from that. Oh yeah, the entire Star Trek franchise came from that.

Someone needs to re-read the cluetrain manifesto.
James Henry
8. redraobyek
So who's the tone-deaf idiot at Paramount who made you pull the video? Jackhat.
9. novahobbies
Not to worry. You can still find this from other youtube posters if you search for the name of the cream.

Can't stop the signal.

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