Sep 3 2013 2:10pm

Trailer for Under the Skin Has an Alien Scar Jo Seducing Poor Humans

Scarlet Johansson, Under the Skin

If someone told you they were thinking of remaking that sci-fi horror flick Species, you wouldn’t be all that excited, right? Because no one needs that in their life.

But if they were sort of riffing on it, and adding Scarlet Johansson, would that work for you?

What’s most impressive in this trailer for Under the Skin is that the directorial style is more evocative of The Man Who Fell to Earth, or possibly a David Lynch film. The movie is currently making rounds at film festivals, but we’d love to see it out in some theaters that the general population can visit. It’s looks pretty terrifying—and thankfully nothing like Species at all.

Steve Taylor
1. teapot7
Under the Skin is one of those books I love so much that I dread it being made into a movie. But maybe...

It's certainly a change of tone - the book was very low key and this (at least at the trailer level) seems to be pulling it closer to horror movie territory. Here's hoping.
jonathan inge
2. jonathaninge
So many years ago, I learned Jonathan Glazer would adapt this one for the screen. It's finally here (kinda).

I don't expect books and movies to be the same. I prefer a different spin on the material. To adapt it wholesale would be boring. And I trust Glazer would make an emotionally and intellectually resonate film. From what I see of the trailer, he's going in a good direction. Kubrickian horror is fine with me.

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