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Should Marvel Just Make A Loki Movie Already?

Loki, Tom HiddlestonIn a recent interview with Huffington Post, Tom Hiddleston talked about his experience at ComicCon, where his costumed in-character appearance had the crowd in fits. In an interesting turn, it looks as though that reaction came with its own rewards in regard to the Thor sequel.

But does Loki Fever demand even more of Marvel's time?'ve probably guessed that the answer I'm looking for is “Very Yes.”

Though Hiddleston claimed he wasn't sure that his ComicCon appearance was the reason, it turns out that once his little stunt was over, he was called back to film more scenes for Thor: The Dark World. Which makes it likely that seeing the fan reaction to Loki convinced the producers to give him even more screentime. (The trailers already have us all convinced that the title of the movie should probably be changed to Fallen Brother: A Love Story.) And that's great to hear; the ragged relationship between Thor and Loki is full of big emotions that make for great drama. Frankly, their chemistry is more important to Thor's story than any love he might have for Jane Foster. She unearthed the god's tenderness, but it was Loki's pain and descent into madness that forced Thor to own up to his own flaws.

Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Emprie coverSo extra Loki in the film is exciting enough, but what's more interesting is that one of the scenes they went back to reshoot was an idea that Hiddleston apparently pitched himself early in filming. We know that Marvel has been great in their collaborative efforts—it's abundantly clear that most of Tony Stark's development was just Robert Downey, Jr. doing whatever he thought worked, and Pepper Potts only made it into The Avengers at his request—so their openness could really work for them in this instance. Hiddleston is clearly very invested in the character; he knows that the fervor around Loki is a driving force for his success, and he enjoys the role tremendously. Why not use that?

Why not just go ahead and make a Loki film?

It's been confirmed that he has no place in Avengers 2, but Hiddleston made comment that he wouldn't mind showing up the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television show, so we can assume his survival in the upcoming Thor film. (Even without those comments we could assume his survival anyway because, you know, trickster god. Self-preservation is basically their Number One Trick-of-Trade.) But there's really no reason why they couldn't up and give Loki his own adventure. The film could be fit into Marvel Phase 3, even if the events were entirely peripheral to the main arc. It would be something that none of these superhero films have attempted before, handing the reigns over to a leading villain, and that would be a great change of pace.

Loki lends himself well to a title role anyway; he's a bad guy, but he doesn't have bad roots. There's a complexity to him that, say, Red Skull does not have in the slightest. He's funny, charming, mischievous—so many qualities that ideally situate him to carry his own narrative. And as Hall H and Tumblr have proved beyond a doubt, fans are one-hundred percent behind him. He has an army.

Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Thor, Chris Hemsworth

Plus, you know, if Thor doesn't have the pressure to star in the film and be epic in every frame, there are perfect opportunities for him to cameo at the end. He can show up on Loki's doorstep with microwave popcorn and some hilarious movie that Tony screened at the Avenger's Tower, and the healing can begin. They can braid each other's hair, play magic hide-and-seek, get drunk and sing karaoke. Loki probably does an awe-inspiring rendition of Elton John's “The Bitch is Back.”

I'm not saying that Marvel would even consider this. But it's really not a bad idea.

Emily Asher-Perrin is one of those small, smiley people whose favorite characters are mostly bouncy megalomaniacs. Everyone should probably be concerned. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.

1. Dernhelm
This is actually fabulous. And a brilliant idea. It needs to happen, badly. A Loki film would probably break all box-office records and also the hearts of every fangirl. Permanently.
Bridget McGovern
2. BMcGovern
YES. I will never get "The Bitch is Back" out of my head; shut up and take all of my money right now.
Mordicai Knode
3. mordicai
My armchair pitch: Young Loki. Hiddleson plays the flashbacks & voice of temptation.
4. Hubert
The response you're actually looking for is "verily, yes."
Chris Nelly
7. Aeryl
I would like this, but I honestly want to see some women get movies before the villain gets one.

Don't get me wrong, I think there is PLENTY of room to make this movie, make it successful, and to do it keeping Loki appropriately evil.

But if I ain't got a Captain Marvel movie first, well......
Emily Asher-Perrin
8. EmilyAP

@3 - That's half the fun of it - he could be any age! I could take place in the past and the future. It would be the best. Ever.

@4 - You're absolutely correct. That was the response I was looking for.

@7 - Ugh, agreed. It would be so, so very nice to get a Captain Marvel film. Or any other lady at all. But especially Captain Marvel.
9. Rebecca Bushong-Taylor
No, no and no. I would happily do Tom Hiddleston as quickly as the next fellow, and Loki is a wonderful character. But a feature film of his own? It would have to be written by a "Titan", which won't happen. It would be Hollywood. Just like the Hulk was terrific used sparingly in the Avengers film but washed as the lead in his own films, Too Much Loki in the lead would, I'm afraid, turn him into a "Romantic Hero" type of character which would diminish his awesome snarkiness. Use him, feature him in Thor and Avenger films and tv series. But no feature film. Please don't water down the Loki that we love.
Allana Schneidmuller
10. blutnocheinmal
@3 Agreement!

As much as I adore Tom Hiddleston, I could definitely see them going the Journey into Mystery route. Loki sacrifices himself, is reborn as a human child. Thor takes him back to Asgard, reformed-ish young Loki (w/ Tom voicing Ikol). Or maybe leading the Young Avengers a la recent developments comics-wise.
Liz J
11. Ellisande
I presume he'll be back for Avengers 3, which is when Thanos should show up, since they still have to drop that reveal that Thanos was involved with the Chitauri. And while the fangirl side of me would love a movie in between, I'm a little wary of over-saturation. Also, I think Hiddleston should continue to do awesome non-superhero projects, especially now that he has better access. I mean, as much as I love Loki, the Hollow Crown was a far more impressive use of his talents, and I'd hate for him to get sucked into the Disney machine any more than he already is.
Keith DeCandido
12. krad
I think this would be an awful idea. Loki's the kind of character who works best when he has someone to play off of. I'm sure making Avon the focus of Blake's 7 seemed like a great idea, but without Blake, Avon just turned awful.

Loki works better as an antagonist and as a supporting character. As a protagonist, he'll lose a big chunk of his appeal.

There's a reason why almost every attempt at a super-villain-focused comic book has either failed or turned the villain into a hero, and the latter would be disastrous for Loki.

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
Keith DeCandido
13. krad
Also, enthusiasm at San Diego isn't really something you should hang your hopes of success on, as the makers of Snakes on a Plane and Scott Pilgrim can attest.....

---Keith R.A. DeCandido
14. j malcolm stewart
Agree with many about pumping the breaks here on a Loki movie. Unless the film version is willing to expand his personal story more in-line with the mythological character (married, with children) there's nothing really for him to do except needle Thor...

P.S. @krad: Snakes on a Plane failed because I personally put a curse on Sam Jackson for blowing off the Afro Samurai panel @ Comic Con that year :)
Brent Longstaff
15. Brentus
More Loki is good, but it needs to show him being clever. More like Thor and less like The Avengers, where he was cool, but not executing an elaborate plot. Leading a big army to earth is kind of obvious and pedestrian for a supervillain. It's better when he keeps a step ahead of the others through subterfuge.
16. James Moar
Hmm, I wonder whether Loki as a prominent antagonist to a newly-introduced hero might work?
17. Shan
I get why people want it, but I think it would probably not work. People like secondary characters because they don't have the same responsibilities in terms of story arc and personality traits as the main character. Loki's great, but so was Spike in Buffy until they tried to put too much of the focus on him. Same with the Fonz. Krad is 100% right, particularly with the Avon reference. The fact is, the Ensemble Darkhorse needs an ensemble to work.
Dustin Freshly
18. Fresh0130
I think a Loki movie could certainly work, especially with Hiddleston as the lead. He's an incredibly talented actor that just oozes almost equal parts slime and charisma while in the Loki role.

Being a comic fan I can see a storyline like the recent Journey into Mystery arc that ran during the Fear Itself cross over as an example of what would make a good Loki movie, i.e. Loki runs around behind the scenes of a cataclysmic event, such as the Age of Ultron movie, doing his best to save the world in his own devious way, but all the "heroes" see are the semi-evil means he uses to accomplish it. In the end the movie go'ers know about Loki's quest and what he went through, but the characters only see the villainous Loki they expect.
Jason Parker
19. tarbis
Loki can't support a feature film. At least he can't support the hundred million dollar type of feature film that needs to make two hundred million after marketing costs to be called a success.

What Loki could support is a twenty to forty minute short film that gets packaged with a special edition Blu-Ray of some other movie. Physical media isn't selling as well as it was and short films fans can't get anywhere else might move another ten thousand units. Maybe "Guardians of the Galaxy" will need the sales boost.
20. SWS
As far as I'm concerned, 'Thor' was a Loki movie. 'Avengers' was The Loki Strikes Back, and 'Thor 2' is The Return of the Loki. And while my head says yes, a Loki stand alone movie would be tough, my heart says DEAR GOD YES MORE LOKI, and the heart buys movie tickets.
Alexander Gieg
21. alexgieg
Now and then the comics show Loki as someone capable of noticing, thanks to the fact he's the master liar, the ultimate lie behind that surface in which everyone else plays. In Earth-X, for example, he's the only who manages to notice the true nature of the Asgardian gods, what in turn helps the world to defeat the Celestials. So I can certainly envision a Loki film as some kind of quest Odin gives him and that he alone would be able to accomplish, regaining his position while not necessarily becoming a good guy, rather a villain with even more depth. Bonus points if such a movie implied this to be the exact outcome Odin expected (cue to Loki 2).
22. Maac
YES. Yes of course OBVIOUSLY and ASAP.

NO, I did not read anything beyond the title of this piece in my RSS feed!
23. Maac
Oooh, I like the Young Loki idea at #3. There is a whole Kid Loki arc in existence that I haven't managed to track down and read yet. Something must be done.

Okay, calmness and indoor voice now: Honestly, when I see actors who remind me of one another, I always want to cast them in a film as something together. E.g., since I first laid eyes on Hiddlestone, I've been dying to see him and Brent Spiner do something ensemble-y. (It doesn't have to be Loki-related. But it should be heavy on the trickster characterization. Please.)
Jaay Vanmeer
24. JaayV
Absolutely NOT. Listen, I love Loki and he's my very favorite of them all, but I would see no point to a Loki movie (without Thor). Because, truthfully, what is Loki without Thor? And vice-versa, Thor without Loki?

Their relationship dynamics is what makes them both such fascinating characters, and for Marvel to simply make a Loki film simply because the fans (some of them anyway) want it, but has no real substance or -- and I cringe to think -- they turn Loki into this really bad, horrible cliché of a bad guy character would be utterly disastrous. Especially after the superb job Tom Hiddleston has done in portraying MCU Loki as he has.

Now if they went with the young Loki / young Thor idea... THAT would be fantastic! I would love to get to see the two of them in their younger years, and yes -- if it were from Loki's POV that would be... an interesting turn of events (especially coming from such an unreliable character such as him).
25. Arkiel
I hope the Avengers overarching narrative is going to include a Loki redemption arc, but I'd still like to see him gain "conviction" in his own movie, show up in Avengers 3 with that conviction and just wipe the floor with the Avengers (including Hulk) because of heroic misunderstandings, before revealing a more heroic purpose that isn't quite revealed until he uses the Njorn stones (or whatever) to help the Avengers against Thanos (and so Avenge himself)...
Pamela Adams
26. PamAdams
Actually, I think that 'Loki wins' stories would be best as shorts- something like the little films Pixar does.
Chris Nelly
27. Aeryl
@26, Marvel's doing shorts too! Peggy Carter got one on the IM3 disc!
Tom Smith
28. phuzz
I'm not sure how Loki could have his own film, as others have pointed out, he needs goodie-goodie Thor as a straight man for his jokes and schemes.
That said, I've just read the first volume of Young Avengers by Keiron Gillan and Jamie McKelvie and seriously someone needs to make more of this sort of thing.
Also, a Kid Loki film might just work.
29. Maac
Who on earth says Thor can't be in Loki's film? :-)

Loki was in Thor's film.

For a sizeable portion of Thor's film, Loki was *Thor's* straight man.

(As someone who read the myths before the Marvelverse, I was outright confused by that.)

It was still Thor's film. But the journey was his -- Loki was an obstacle, opposition. All the writers need to do is figure out what a decent unsucky journey would be for Loki's character to take. There's the Kid Loki one; there are several to choose from in the Eddas...

I personally would enjoy it if Loki got to be an actual trickster to defeat whatever his obstacle would up being. It might be a nice full-circle for a version of the "Thor" (the film) situation to happen -- Loki's deception in that film looked and was terrible to his own side, but ultimately was done in order to defeat his father's enemy; a sort of triple-layered deception. In that case, it was the wrong thing because the ultimate goal for the adults of Asgard was reconciliation, or at least truce, not defeat. (And Thor made the same mistake Loki did.) If Loki's multilayered deceptions could line up with a goal that everyone in Asgard was actually on board with, but we could spend an equal amount of time wondering what side he was actually on -- that would be fun.

Of course, much would need to be done to avoid it being a rep of "Thor," but if the stakes were sufficiently raised, it might be a great deal of fun.

(Or they could give Loki a lousy goal but make you root for him anyway as an antihero, if they were skilled enough to pull it off as dark comedy-esque. Or if they could hire the team being the Simon Pegg "cornetto" oeuvre.)

Or they could give me a film about the origin of Sleipnir. I would not hate that at all. Loki is downright bloody self-sacrificing in that one.
30. KevinS
Horrible idea for a horrible character. I can't believe the amount of attention a pasty weakling gets for playing a villain poorly. He's about as intimidating as a dirty pair of socks. Then again, compared to Chris "Huh?" Hemsworth, I supposed anyone would look like a good actor. The saving grace for the whole franchise is that there is a built in audience for comic book movies. Even crap films like Green Lantern and Batman and Robin are able to squeeze out a profit. Villains used to be frightening, or complex, or clever or strong at least. Loki is none of these. He's a dull, spoiled child. A Dracula minus the strength and the charm. Loki smirks, and that's about it.
31. -Bri
Hulk smash puny Loki movie!
32. Marvel_luver
If they made a just Loki movie, I would watch it over and over again. Its a brilliant idea. Since he always lived in Thors shadow, (and movie...) He should have a movie just for him. I always loved Tom Hiddleston. The movie should include how he survived the wormhole and so on... I really hope marvel does this. It would be EPIC. :)
33. Joe Cain
I'd ne all for it....but Thor has to make some appearance in some way. The two's relationship is roughly 70 percent of Loki's character. His insane jealousy is basically half his motive, at least first.
To me, Loki isn;'t nearly as sympathetic fangirls make him out to be. Don't get me wrong, he's a great character, he's just not a good person.
The love of your self insert oc will not change that ladies.
Still, if done right, I'd like to see a movie that bridges Loki's time between Thor and Avengers. How he came into the service ofc Thanos, for example.
34. Rebeca Gray
I had stumbled across this article, while looking up information about Loki for a book that I'm doing. I so agree that Marvel should do a movie all about Loki. He's my utlimate Norse God favorite. They should start the movie off with in Jotunhiem, the frost giants homeland, and then progress of how he had gotten his powers then of how he got to where he ended up in Thor (the film). I would so watch Loki's movie over and over again. Marvel should really do more research on Loki before making a movie about him, becuase from what I've read Loki really isn't a "Supervillain". He's a frost gaint who was an outcast even amongst his own race. Even though he wasn't brought up amongst the giants, his parents hid him away from the others before Odin came and destroyed them. So that no one would know how small he was compared to other frost gaints babies that were born at the time...and according to some Norse Myths, Thor was the "supervillain" not Loki. Yes Loki is the god of mischief, evil and fire; but he also did good as well.
I'm not trying to start a heated discussion about Loki and Thor. All I'm trying to say is that Marvel should really do more research before they think about doing a Superhero/Supervillain movie about living or dead myths. Though the movies that I have seen, they had done a great job at displaying his nasty habits. Why don't they focus on his good atributes as well? Just because he has a reputation of being mischievious and evil, it doesn't mark him as being a villian. The only really villianous act that I've read was tricking a son of a god to kill the son's dad. Though Loki's worst punishment was being tied to three stones by means of his own son's insides. While poison drips from a venomous snake onto his face, whenever his wife left to empty the bowl. His sentence there was to remain there until Ragnarok happened. Which marks it as the end of Asgard and the gods of the Norse mythology. More over, majority of Thor's adventures were with Loki at his side. Some myths even declared Loki as Thor's step uncle, while others declared him as Thor's step brother. The more I look for Loki's information, the more intriguing he becomes. Watching a movie about Loki would be definitely worth my time and attention. But first I think Marvel should get thier mythology about Loki right. The godly power that Loki had gotten was due to the fact that there was no more "good godly powers", so Odin had given Loki the power of Chaos. So it's really not Loki's fault that he became the god that he is, even though his trickery and lies helped it. With that being said, I am all for a Loki film with Thor being a supporting character. Since just yesterday I was thinking that someone should do a film about Loki, finding this article had just made me realize that there are others out there thinking the same thing.
35. hey its SUPERNERD
To be honest, Loki is probably the strongest character in the Thor films. Thor (portrayed by Chris Hemsworth) has a strong presence, especially when he brings his hammer out. And Hemsworth is heaven on legs! But Loki...he combines mastermind with sex appeal and Hiddleton delivers such a powerful performance of a boy devoured by vengance and greed. It is captivating, intrguing and seductive. But, I feel as though a Loki film would deplete that enthusiasim that makes us all go crazy. I don't know, no one can say until it is conveyed on the screen. What I would love to see is Loki making a surprise appearance in the next Avengers film, Perhaps manipulating the prime villain and then leaving the Avengers to defeat them, only to rise and claim supremecy.

Or, he could tear Asgard apart, thread by thread, prompting Thor to choose between his belovered Earth or his cherished Asgard. It would be interesting what Joss Wheson and Marvel could muster up, I just want to see Loki's (or Hiddletons?) face in another Marvel franchise again :)
36. Valaraukarsbane
Clearly we need more Loki. Hiddleston is a fantastic actor and does a great job with Loki (and his other roles - e.g. his suicidal vampire in Only Lovers Left Alive).
Plus, Loki is not just a villain, either in the comics or the original Norse myths. He's a very complex character in both cases, sometimes appearing as a kind of anti-hero (e.g. in the Norse myths, he got Asgard into trouble but then saved it). I think a film about him could be very interesting.

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