Sep 20 2013 1:15pm

In Which Sesame Street Posits Peter Dinklage as Our New God

Peter Dinklage Sesame Street

Peter Dinklage recently appeared on Sesame Street as Simon, the one who says, and things got seriously musical as the various Muppets of Sesame Street pondered why we always do as Simon says while Dinklage made several amazing faces that reminded us, oh, this is why.

Also: puppet sitar. Watch the video below.

Brian Mac
1. Brian Mac
Well, of course you should do whatever Peter Dinklage says. Do you want to get your face slapped?
Brian Mac
2. Len Goldstein
Not only can Peter Dinkalge act he's one of the best but he can sing too. He's a brilliant and excellent actor just Muppet height. Kidding.
Mary Thorman
3. mbt777
I've been in love with Peter Dinklage since I first saw him in "A Day in the Life". There is something about him - his personality transcends everything. Star quality, I guess.

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