Sep 19 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup Presents the Coin of Omens!

Lion-O coin ThunderCats

Lion-O should be on all coins! This would be so much more inspiring than the past presidents we’re stuck with now. Plus you could yell “25, 25, 25 cents, ho-oooh!” every time you took one out of your pocket. Brazilian artist Andre Levy thought the world’s currencies needed to strive for a new level of awesome and embarked on the “Tales You Lose” project, So far he’s painted Catwoman, Wolverine, The Hulk, and an entire mint’s worth of other cultural icons onto coins from around the world. Check out Levy’s Facebook page for the project to learn more!

Morning Roundup has an appreciation of Galaxy Quest, heated arguments about philosophy and genre, and Victorian villains!

Donia L
4. Donia
I love Galaxy Quest, but even better than the 22 reasons listed is the link in that list to "Kirk-fu." I was crying I was laughing so hard. Although it's very unfortunate they left out Kirk's patented "Neck Slap" I've become so fond of on the original Star Trek on Netflix.

(I was also shocked to discover from Netflix that there were only 3 seasons made of the original! I had no idea -- reruns can really warp one's sense of reality).
5. WOL
I notice you've never featured anything like this. How about some realizm, please.
Donia L
6. Donia
@5 erm... I agree with the premise but the execution of those "designs" is TERRIBLE! Was the person who "designed" them (I use that term loosely) even an artist? Had they ever taken figure drawing? Design of any kind? (Fashion can be practical *and* beautiful). This is a *bad* example of a good idea.

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