Sep 12 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup Might be Falling for Batman Again

Batman Affleck Costume Concept Steve Scott

When artist Steve Scott imagines Ben Affleck as Batman, we all begin to believe that the former Daredevil will be up to the task. Look at that chiseled chin! And that steely gaze. This could actually work. We like that he found a balance between the cheesiness of the late Schumacher period and the high tech battle gear of Nolan’s Batman—including a highlighted, but still subdued, utili-belt and bat symbol is a nice touch, as is the functional-looking cape. Could this be happening? Are we...looking forward to this, tentatively?

Morning Roundup has many wonderful things in store, including news about a Star Wars short film, the best Game of Thrones game yet, and inspirational quotes from Chewbacca!

1. jamesedjones
The problem with Affleck as Batman has never been about the look. He's got the right look for Batman. It's all about the voice. His voice will never match the dark knight. Robin, maybe. But not Batman.
Fake Name
2. ThePendragon
The problem with Ben Affleck as Batman is that no matter how awesome he is at the role, and how well he does the voice, he's still Ben Affleck as Batman.

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