Sep 12 2013 2:30pm

Can we all agree that every musical would be better with lightsabers? Especially Les Misérables?

Les Miserables with lightsabers

While we’ve never been a crew that takes to the street with cries of “Do you hear the people sing?” we do agree that pretty much everything is made better with the presence of lightsabers, especially epic musical confrontations.

So here we have the famous showdown between Javert and Jean Valjean, but this time, the fight’s a little more serious. And there are Force ghosts!

We’re thinking that we should reenact West Side Story similarly. Or maybe Bye Bye Birdie.

Michael Poteet
1. MikePoteet
Camelot! Arthur could show Guenevere how he pulled a lightsaber from a stone.

The Music Man! Who needs a baton to direct a boys' band when you have a lightsaber... or even seventy-six of 'em, for that matter?

Oklahoma!! Jud Fry tries to stick Curly with a double-edged, Darth Maul model...
Thomas Thatcher
2. StrongDreams
Actually, everything is not better with lightsabers. I subscribe to the argument made by "Mr. Plinkett" at Red Letter Media that lightsabers were overused in the prequels. The Yoda of Empire shouldn't even use a lightsaber ("wars not make one great"), and some species like Tw'ileks are in mortal danger just being near one. (There should really be multiple force-manipulatable weapons, not just a one size fits all answer.)
Jeff Koenig
3. Jeff Koenig
I couldn't possibly count the number of beautiful, tattered, yellowed, bent-paged Tor sci-fi books that passed through my hands and inspired me growing up.

So even though we've been lucky enough to get a lot of attention for this video, it's particularly rewarding to know that, for 2 minutes, we captured your imagination the way that you've captured ours time and time again.

Thank you for the review!

-Jeff Koenig
CEO, scifiriot

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