Sep 18 2013 4:15pm

If You Want to Soar With the Eagles, You Have to Learn to Fly Like Gandalf

Eagle camera

GUYS! Now we know exactly what it’s like to travel like Gandalf, except without any magical powers, or a sword, or pipeweed, or fun Hobbit friends, and it’s…still pretty awesome. This footage gives us a stunning view of the Misty Mountains a mountain range near Chamonix, France by strapping a camera to the back of an eagle (who may or may not answer to “Landroval”). It’s a truly awe-inspiring sight, with no sign of any wargs, orcs, Nazghûl, or the dreaded Steve Miller Band to mar the view. Check out the video below!


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Mike Conley
1. NomadUK
Gratuitous swipe at Steve Miller Band aside, that was very cool, indeed.

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