Sep 4 2013 9:15pm

Life in Space is Impossible, the New Gravity Trailer


Holy cow, everyime I see a trailer for this movie my heart pounds. Gravity opens October 4th and I cannot wait. 

Ben HM3
1. BenHM3
There's a rescue after being flung like that?! Ok, this one I won't be going to. (Sorry for all take my comment to be a criticism of the film, simply pronouncement of my own tastes.)
Alright Then
2. Alright Then
Nice to finally see a movie where things happen quickly in space and not so... slowly... like... they... are... under... water...
Alright Then
A cooler name would have been "Low Pressure". But then clever Youtube trolls would be like "Low Pressure Sucks, haha" and it would be clever at first but get old pretty quick.
Alright Then
4. Cecrow
I was in the heart-pounding category myself - til I recognized Sandra Bullock, then it all went away. There's a lot to be said for no-name actors.
Alright Then
5. NoGeorgeEver
George Cloony? no thanks! I'm not interested in watching an actor that makes jokes about people with Alzheimers.
Vincent Lane
6. Aegnor

A rescue isn't impossible in that situation. Just very unlikely.
Vincent Lane
7. Aegnor

Hadn't heard anything about Clooney and autism jokes and was curious, so I tried to google it. Only came up with some links to stuff where he was supporting autism causes. Then there was some book or other. I'm curious what you are talking about, as whatever it is, it wasn't well publicized.
Alright Then
8. SteveG

#5 mentioned an Alzheimers joke, not anything about autism. Might have been referring to what is mentioned here: But it did happen in 2003, which is kinda a long time to hold a grudge.
Alright Then
9. Dave Andrews
This looks like it will be precisely as exciting as Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I do have to admit this latest trailer makes it look more appealing, but still. Meh.
Alright Then
10. Habakkuk21
I like the premise: Really bad stuff can happen in a hostile environment.
I wouldn't have thought Sandra Bullock could do this, but if she CAN, that's way cool. Sigourney Weaver was a drop-dead gorgeous actress, but then in 1979 she does Alien, and then goes on to do other fantastic work, such as the bad guy boss in Working Girl. So if Sandra can DO this, major kudos for her and for whoever thought of her for the part.
Alright Then
12. Mollyyy

Jesus. Takes a lot to impress anyone these days.
Craig Barnett
13. Ommadawn
@12, Thank you Molly. I'm looking forward to it too.

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