Sep 19 2013 11:30am

Geena Davis Fires Arrows into Watermelons, Beetlejuice, Paparazzi, Our Hearts

Geena Davis, archery tricks

You know how Geena Davis almost went to the 2000 Olympics as an archer? Well, you better step up your knowledge because she might shoot an apple (phone) off your head if you don’t. This Funny or Die video below is here to illustrate the point.

We’ve missed your badassery so much, Geena.

Geena Davis knows exactly where girls like Katniss Everdeen are getting their inspiration from, and it’s not Robin Hood. Watch her tear up the archery field (and occasionally shoot it up). Because there’s no crying in archery. Because she wants to be with Lydia. Because life is pain—get used to it.

We promise we’re done now.

1. DougL
Heh, thanks, I really like Geena Davis

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