Sep 11 2013 4:30pm

Delia’s Shadow Sweepstakes!

Out next week, Delia's Shadow by Jaime Lee Moyer tells the tale of a young woman in turn-of-the-century San Francisco who has the gift (or curse) of being able to speak with ghosts. We've got eight copies of this haunting tale, and we want to send you one today! 

Check below for the rules:

THE RULES: The first 8 people to email their name and address to sweepstakes [at] tor DOT com will receive one ARC of the book listed above. Please make the subject of your email “Delia's Shadow Sweepstakes.” Good luck! Do not comment in this post for the sweepstakes, and for safety reasons PLEASE DO NOT leave your address in the comments.

Christine LaRue
1. LadyAnubis
Excellent choice for a flash giveaway! Love stories set in fin de siècle SF.
2. Jennnnnn
Just tell me what I have to do to get that hat. Holy feather country.
3. E. M. M.
The preview was intriguing, would love to read the book.
5. Tehol Lives
Awesome, would love to give this one a try!

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