Sep 4 2013 5:05pm

Bill Nye Will Look Like This on Dancing With the Stars—Everything is Beautiful

Bill Nye the Science Guy, Dancing With the StarsWe are so excited that Bill Nye is going to be on Dancing With the Stars because, seriously, how have they gone this long without properly representing SCIENCE?

And now we’re more excited because of this picture. Because if you’re gonna dance, you gotta do it with some style, and da-yum, the Science Guy looks so dapper it hurts.

Bill? To paraphrase and a beloved brute squad member—we hope you win.

Matt Stoumbaugh
1. LazerWulf
He must wear the bowtie for every performance. Even when they get him to go shirtless.
Jonathan Crowe
2. mcwetboy
how have they gone this long without properly representing SCIENCE?
Well, they did have Buzz Aldrin and Steve Wozniak on earlier seasons, so the historical geek quotient is > 0.
Jessica Broughton
3. Jessica Broughton
Bill Nye is an excellent swing dancer. I'm proud to say I've had the pleasure of dancing with Bill in Los Angeles and can't wait to see how he does on DWTS.
Lianne Burwell
4. LKBurwell
I used to watch DWTS and compare notes with my mother the next day. When my mother died during the spring season, I stopped watching. It was just a little too painful. I don't even know who won the mirror ball.

But seeing Bill Nye on the cast list for the fall perked me up, and now I'm planning to watch again, just for him.

Bill Nye the Science Guy (Bill, Bill, B-b-b-b-bill!)
Jessica Broughton
5. mutantalbinocrocodile
A contestant who can dance well (according to a social partner!) AND has class AND can do science AND doesn't have an unfair advantage by being a professional dancer of some kind already? Made Of Awesome! Go Big Red!

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