Aug 19 2013 11:30am

South Korea Just Gives In, Admits Sherlock and Watson are Lovers

Sherlock Watson lovers South Korea OCN trailers

When the second season of Sherlock aired on South Korea cable channel OCN earlier this year the promo commercials took some wonderful liberties with the chemistry between Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock and Martin Freeman’s John Watson. And then they took a few more....

It’s long been a favorite pastime of the Sherlock fandom to cast the two main characters as OTP (“One True Pairing”). This can signify a range of perspectives on Sherlock and Watson, ranging from entertaining subtext (my perspective, for the record), a straightforward romantic relationship, or something so necessary to the functioning of the cosmos that to tear it asunder would render the world colorless and dull.

The OCN promos take that latter perspective and oh god it’s so beautiful and weird and beautiful in its weirdness:

Is it the random placement of two songs from everything-is-doomed troubadour the Eels? Is it the Firefly and movie Sherlock Holmes-style paperburn portrait of Sherlock and Watson that some delightful soul somewhere in, ah, Seoul was given the task to create? Is it the entire lack of subtext? Is it everything? It’s probably everything.

You guys, I think I believe in love again.

Chris Lough is the production manager of and thanks the gods of Monday morning for this heavenly bounty.

Irene Gallo
1. Irene
I have now watched this like 4 times today.
5. missallen
OMG. That's hysterical!
ko NOT
6. Hal9000
that was brilliant!

Ahh, i have never seen such a good johnlock video, plus its also legit. I bet every korean fan hated the season 3 john/mary wedding after seeing those.
7. SueQ
When Holmes says the one word 'you' in that lovely Benedict Cumberbatch deep voice, I would crawl over John Watson's lifeless body to get to Holmes.

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