Aug 2 2013 9:00pm

The First Trailer For Sherlock Season Three is Here!

Sherlock season three trailer

BBC unveiled a sneak peek at Sherlock season three today, and it is a terrible, terrible tease. And not only because you just know John’s moustache won’t survive the first episode.

Watch the sneak peek below then let’s start theorizing!

Molly Reichenbach solutioneers, your theory has just been given a huge amount of credence!

Sherlock is rumored to return in early 2014.

Corey Sees
1. CorwinOfAmber
That moustache is magical. It is full of majesty and power. I need it.
2. Syllabus
Theory no. 1: Lestrade's missing hair has been commandeered onto Dr. Watson's face.
5. Jerun
ko NOT
6. Hal9000
Gosh, I am painfully excited.

Come to think of it, they're going to end on some cruel cliffhanger and leave us there for another year. I would be pissed off about that if it wasn't so good.
Alan Brown
9. AlanBrown
I like the moustache. It is similar to the one I wore throughout my military career. And Doctor Watson is a retired military man, after all. That being said, however, both he and Cumberbatch could shave their heads, and I would still be excited to see their return! The game's afoot!
10. SueQ
John, darling, I'm back.....

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