Aug 19 2013 11:45am

Sansa Stark’s Direwolf Lady is Alive and So is Hope

Okay, it’s Monday and the subways are messed up and you’re still traumatized from Breaking Bad last night but none of that matters right now because we’ve just learned that Game of Thrones Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner missed her direwolf Lady so much that she adopted the dog that played her.

Turner found out they were going to put the dire...all right, fine, the Mahlek Northern Inuit Dog, Zunni, up for adoption after she met her tragic end on the show. Turner’s mother talked the producers into letting them take her, and now Zunni has a new home, hope lives again, and we can all face the week imagining Lady and Sansa playing in a park outside of London somewhere. See more pictures of Turner and Zunni here, and read an interview with the actress here!

[via io9]

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby asks you to help control the pet population, and have your direwolves spayed or neutered. Wait, no, don’t, because direwolves are awesome and we need more.

Peter Tijger
1. Peter-Tijger
I was late to the party, but in the last couple of weeks caught up, discovering the series was available on my hbo channel. I'm almost finished with the 3rd season...totally hooked.
The book series should be a no-brainer considering what I read usually. But I have the strange habit to avoid the big names or something, so I haven't read them. I did however pick up the 2 volumes of the comics (Dutch version) just hours before stepping aboard a plane to holiday at Tenerife. Basking in the sun I read these 2 albums, pronouncing 'winter is coming'.....I didn't see it happening, but these characters seemed quite sure.

All kidding aside...great comics, great tv show.....and maybe I'll dive into the books someday too.

And kudos to 'lady Sansa' for adopting her dire wolf....that's just too cool.
Alicia Dodson
2. LynMars
This is old news for many fans of the show, but I think it came up in this recent interview, and honestly, it's good to see and hear. She's not the first actor to make sure the animal(s) she's worked with has(ve) a good home after production ends. And there's nothing wrong with that.
3. DougL
I don't watch the show, but it's good to know. I hope all the kids keep their direwolves.
Drake Stephens
4. MynameisDrake
Why did this become a huge story posted everywhere on the internet over the last few weeks? I thought this was common knowledge. I remember reading interviews with her talking about this before Game of Thrones even premiered, and she talks about it in one of her commentaries.

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