Aug 26 2013 5:05pm

Ring Ghost-girls Infiltrate Diamond

So, in one of most epic viral marketing moves we’ve ever seen, Sadako (the horrifying girl who crawls out of the television at the end of Ringu) threw out the first pitch in the Chunichi Dragons/Hanshin Tigers game in Tokyo on Saturday, because Japan. Sadako 3-D 2 and Koji Suzuki’s newest Sadako novel, S (not to be confused with this other S), were both released recently—and really, what better way to promote a horror franchise than with a baseball game?

Click through to watch a fabulously creepy video of Sadako playing baseball.

Another marketing effort we find intriguing is “Sadako’s Hair Dog,” which is currently available at Tokyo’s Joypolis theme park. The park, whose owners apparently think that joy and screaming terror are roughly equivalent emotions, have also hidden 17 different Sadakos throughout the grounds. Go ahead and watch the video below, we’ll just be here, turning all the lights on...

Jenny Thrash
1. Sihaya
Is it okay to say that the kids were adorable as they did their very best to lumber quickly onto the field? One was stretching her arms down as far as they could go, another was trying to waddle from side to side with her feet as far apart as possible, and then at the end they running stiff-kneed while trying to hunch. It was like kids on my doorstep at Halloween, going "I'm a scawy ghost!"
2. Valentine
So creepy! And lol @ the last line of this article.

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