Aug 23 2013 2:45pm

New Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Promo!

If we had more people like Agent Coulson, this world wouldn’t even need superheroes. Agent Coulson should be Batman. Not Clark Gregg—we mean Clark Gregg should play Agent Coulson as Batman. Bruce Wayne who?

Until we get the hero we want, need, and deserve, click through to enjoy the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. promo!

We get an elegiac country-ish tune, shots of Coulson’s people looking super-intense and talking about what they were after, and a somewhat worse-for-wear Coulson himself. He believes in his team! We’re ready to believe with you, Agent Coulson!

If you want even more (spoiler-filled) news about the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., check out our write-up of the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel. But seriously, SPOILERS.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby’s life is a series of elegiac country songs that no one else ever seems to hear...

Horrible feeling they have gone more for sickly hard bodies love interests than actual character individuality and integration, Just hope this does not crash and burn, though I do wish they had gone for some more gritty actual back comic characters instead of Glee rejects.
2. Gordon34
Worst promo ever. Look at the 12-second mark. Asian is flashing her Melrose Place eyes. Almost no action. Just a bunch of meaningful (campy) looks. Give me a break.
3. Nicky2
Glee rejects is right. Who are these people? Soap actors.

Way to put a lot of work into your promo, Marvel. This will grab the attention of no one.
4. Glencannon
Hey Stubby The Rocket, are you really this excited by this Dark Angel Bull S*#@. Wow. Ths looks like crap.
5. Dalek1963
I see alot of complaining in these comments. I think this as an image ad isn't quite as impressive as I would like but the previous promos got my interest. ABC has to draw in wide spread audience. At least give it a chance.
Jenny Thrash
6. Sihaya
The Asian? You mean Ming Na, the veteran sci fi actress. Grittiness? Yes, please, absolutely every comic-based story must copy The Dark Knight. Also, the color pallette may not get any brighter than the color plum. And Joss Whedon writes for "Glee" - everybody knows this. Remember that time on Angel when Fred started singing "You Are My Sunshine," and when Lorne heard her, a dance party broke out, and she lived happily ever after with Wesley? Or remember in Serenity when Wash got to hold his newborn, and delivered that soliloquy about the power of having a dream? Oh yeah, that didn't happen.
Spot on, complainers.
7. ClintACK
Have faith.

This is Josh Whedon we're talking about!

There are all kinds of ways this could go wrong (like ABC cancelling at the end of the first season because it doesn't get enough viewers to support a big-4 network slot) -- but expecting Josh Whedon to put out a show that fails to deliver well developed characters??

Might as well expect the dialog to lack snap.
Alan Brown
8. AlanBrown
Clark Gregg is not your standard action hero, but he can act circles around most people who look like standard action heroes. Even if they surrounded him with cardboard cutouts of people, I would still watch this show. And these folks look like a pretty talented bunch, with a lot of interesting fictional bios. For me, this will be Must See, Watercooler Talk TV.
rebekah fletcher
10. rfresa
Just because actors are lesser known and good looking, does not make them "soap actors". Most of Joss's stars were relatively unknown when he first hired them. He has a knack for finding the good ones and bringing out the best in them.

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