Aug 6 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Han Solo Has a Balinese Dancing Girl Tattooed Across His Chest

The Big Sleep Star Wars Han Solo Leia Organa

Artist Dean Reeves has created some amazing poster art and illustrations, but the “Fett Noir” series is our favorite. Reeves reimagines the Star Wars universe as a gorgeous noir, where double-crossing Hutts make their own rules, bounty hunters are hidden in shadows, and Leia is a tough dame with a gun. Han and Lando, morally ambiguous, are locked in an internal battle between profit and love, knowing that every decision they make will echo into an unknowable future. Luke, the innocent, is doomed to be corrupted by the realities of a dark and Yoda-less world... man. We may need some time here. You can check out more of the posters over at The Mary Sue.

The rest of today’s Morning Roundup features sharks, SHIELDs, and Shakespeare!

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1. NormanM
Richard Armitage for Batman! Brolin wouldn't be bad, but Armitage would be mesmerizing.

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