Aug 23 2013 8:00am

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Morning Roundup

Liam Brazier is a London-based illustrator and animator who works in a gorgeous style—we’re calling it stained-glass-Deco-Futurism. You can check out his animations on his blog, and stop over at Society 6 to see more superheroes (our other favorite being his rendition of Logan putting his adamantium to good use.) We approve of any artist who names Star Wars as his initial inspiration, and if we might humbly suggest a new subject, how about Jean Grey Descending a Staircase?

Today’s Morning Roundup invites you to join in a discussion about the word “geek,” offers some news about Doctor Who and Hayao Miyazaki, and would like to humbly request that science continue being a thing that happens. Read on, by all means.

Sean Tabor
1. wingracer
An Anno directed Nausicaa sequal?

Oh for the love of god PLEASE! Yes PLEASE DO IT!
2. RobinM
The link to the Ray Bradbury interview is incorrect. It goes to Joss Whedon's EW blurb. Please fix it.

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