Aug 21 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup Eagerly Anticipates Days of Future Fashion

One of the highlights of the already-great X-Men First Class was Wolverine’s hilarious cameo, and I think everyone’s in agreement that the best bit of The Wolverine came after the credits. Given that, this shot from the X-Men Days of Future Past has immediately ratcheted up excitement for the film. Those brown coats! Those lapels! Charles’ shirt! At least Wolverine’s usual facial hair is period appropriate.

Today’s Morning Roundup can’t give you any more 70s fashion tips, but it can give you the wonder of William Shatner waxing poetic about cheese, Vin Diesel’s plans for Riddick, and some more thoughts about the surprisingly fertile field of Pacific Rim.

Bruce Arthurs
1. bruce-arthurs
re the 1920's mug shots: "We’d certainly never encourage anyone to pursue a life of crime."

Can I just buy the hat?
2. tspeece
Charles is looking a little much like Lt. Dan just then...or is it just me?
3. Alyssa111
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