Aug 19 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We’re Sorry, But Our Princess is in Another Library

Redditor mikedudical was worried that his kids weren’t going to like their new school, Bloomington Elementary in St. George, Utah. But then, he check out their library and found a Super Mario-themed wonderland! Granted, the kids attending this school now are a little young to appreciate the 8-bit graphics on display, but we’re guessing they don’t mind too much. You can see more images of the library here!

Today’s Morning Roundup is starting your week off right with healthy doses of Jack Kirby, Saul Bass, and Tom Hiddleston! Plus unsettling revelations about Batman...

1. olethros
The omission of Dream's library from Sandman invalidates that list.
2. Cybersnark
Good for the Princess. Libraries are much cooler than castles.
Sky Thibedeau
3. SkylarkThibedeau
Doesn't Tracy Hickman live in St. George? I wonder how many Dragonlance books there are in there/
4. NormanM
I'm with olethros, the absence of Dream's library means the list is broken. Although they clearly only considered TV and film, how do you *not* go from #1, containing every book ever written, to #0, containing every book *never* written?

In other news, I will never read The Killing Joke the same way again.

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