Aug 9 2013 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Ah Peku, I Choose You!

Team Rocket would probably think twice before taking on this fearsome Charmander, one of a series of “Pokemayan” created by artist and Tumblr-er Monarobot. Our personal favorite, Maaayyy-duck, hasn't been Mayanized yet, but there are versions of Squirtle, Articuno, Gengar, and Leafeon—plus some really amazing Xenomorphs—and since Monarobot takes commissions there may be psychic ducks in our future.

Today's Morning Roundup wants to inspire you with Star Wars history, new fairy tales, and... demonic dolls. Enjoy! 

[The dolls are in the second link. They're terrifying, seriously. Don't look at them if you're alone.] 

Charles Foster
1. FossMaNo1
Wow... that "History of Star Wars" was very detailed. Its contents are not very surprising (e.g., that Lucas never really had concrete plans for 9 or 12 films), but it was still enjoyable to read about the truth of the series. Still...I would like to read more about why it took so long to come around to filming Episodes I-III.
Charles Foster
2. FossMaNo1
It's also good to see that though the story details will probably change (as they even did when Lucas was helming the movies), it sounds like the overall story feel that Lucas developed is what is being used for the next three movies. Lucas may not be all that great of a director, but he is an absolutely fabulous storyteller...I've enjoyed the story of all six movies and look forwrad to more!
3. Woah
Has anyone at seen Bee and PuppyCat yet? Cute puppy thing + sci-fi = awesome.

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