Aug 7 2013 3:30pm

Kate Elliott Ebook Sweepstakes!

We've got a special sweepstakes for you today—a chance to win Kate Elliott's Jaran series as an ebook bundle! Available now from Open Road Media, Jaran, An Earthly Crown, His Conquering Sword, and The Law of Becoming comprise one of Elliott's earliest series, and we know you want to dive into her work after her recent interview with our own Liz Bourke.

One winner will receive a download code for all four books, so comment in the post to enter!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN.  A purchase does not improve your chances of winning.  Sweepstakes open to legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C..  To enter, comment on this post beginning at 3:30 Eastern Time (ET) on August 7. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 ET on August 11. Void outside the United States and where prohibited by law.  Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Open Road Media, Suite 6C, 345 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014.

Paul Weimer
1. PrinceJvstin
Kate is one of my favorite authors. Read Jaran a long time ago, wouldn't mind having ebook copies now...
S Cooper
3. SPC
I'd love to win this - my library doesn't have His Conquering Sword so I never got to read that one.
4. jep
Thanks for the chance to win.
Fade Manley
6. fadeaccompli
Oo, me, me! I've been meaning to try this series ever since the interview, at that.
Scott Abbott
7. Scott
Count me in, I'd love to read this series.
8. clynn
Kate Elliot is on my to-read list, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. This sounds like a good place to start.
10. Bluestocking
Sign me up!
Robert H. Bedford
11. RobB
I've been meaning to catch up with these books for some time.
14. MollyKanHas
My shelves are fuuuuulllllll...ebook copies would be nice! :) (I also only have Jaran itself, none of the follow-ups.)
15. Rochita
I've got her Spirit Walker Trilogy. Would definitely love to read these too. :)
16. Rue
Ohhh I'd love a chance to win! I've read some of her books but not the Jaran series.
Chris Battey
19. DarthParadox
Never read any of these (or anything else of hers), but I wouldn't mind giving them a try.
Aliette de Bodard
21. aliettedebodard
I've read the Crown of Stars series and loved them, and have the Spiritwalker books queued up. Would love a copy of these.
24. Sue Armitage
Ive just read Kate's Spiritwalker series and loved them, would like to read more please.
26. Jessica V
I loved the Spiritwalker Trilogy and would love to get to read some of Elliott's other work!
isaac obezo
27. isaacobezo
most excellent!

I am particularly fond of this series.
28. TBGH
Color me intrigued
31. Kevin F
I love Crown of Stars and would love to read these.
32. JonLundy
I'd like to get e copies, I read them a long time ago in physical format.
33. Tracy erickson
I love Kate!
34. Fyari
Ooh, I'd love to read these!
35. krupke
The Jaran series was my first real introduction/dive into high fantasy. Loved the series and I returned to it (and Kate Elliott) when I rediscovered my love of reading as an adult. Would love to have e-copies of the series
36. AnotherLiz
My beloved paperbacks are wearing out, especially Jaran which is one of my 5 favorite books.
38. another*sarah
Kate Elliott will be a new author for me, I'd love to try her work!
40. kk1raven
I'd love e-book copies. It has been a long time since I originally read them.
42. Lori Fox
Wait you mean soon I can stop hoarding my copies of Jaran cause they are out of print. Yay!
44. KnivesRobotica
Trying to win!
46. elsiekate
oooh! i've read (and loved) _jaran_ but have yet to read the others.
47. Wiredwizard
As a fan of Kate's work, how could I *not enter?
51. just_ann_now
Oooo count me in, please!
52. ralydon
oh jeez, i love her stuff so much.
53. Annosk
Sounds awesome. I am just finishing Cold Steel, and enjoying it very much.
54. Adrianne
Jaran is one of my all time favorite books. I've reread my paper copies until the pages are falling out. eBooks never lose pages!
55. Leigh Kimmel
Cool. The library used to have Jaran, and then some selfish person stole it. Boo!
57. Heather S.
I just finished the Spiritwalker Trilogy and I LOVED it! I've been obsessively re-reading the books for the last two weeks because I can't get them out of my head. I would love to read more of Kate Elliot!
58. DRickard
I'll take a stab
59. Rene S
I'd love to read these. I've so enjoyed everything else of hers I've read.
60. Shana G
This is so awesome! I read the Jaran books years ago and loved them; they shaped my expectations of the genre. I read ebooks almost exclusively now, so having ebook copies of these sounds most excellent.
61. KatieD
I really enjoyed these and would like to own them as ebooks
62. dragonram
She's pretty terrific.
Rebecca Sims
63. strigine
I'm a fan of Elliott's more recent works and would love an opportunity to catch up with her earlier books.
64. kaninchenzero
i liked the spiritwalker books and crown of stars is wrecking my sleep right now so more elliott books? for free? yes please!
68. Affreca
I'd love ebook copies. This is one of my favorite series.
69. Susan Kay
I love this series. Ebook copies would be awesome.
70. MonsterAteMy
I loved the Jaran books and it would be great to have e book versions!

Captcha I despise you.
71. Shy L
I'd love to have this series in ebook form!
72. Cynthia Porter
The Jaran books were my introduction to Kate Elliott's worlds. I've been reading her work ever since. I would love to add these books to my ebook collection!
73. Evenstar
Pick me, pick me! Love these books.
74. Nick Tab
Would love to win these. Thanks for the opportunity!
76. Liz S.
I only got into Kate Elliott with her most recent series, but I would love to read some more!
79. LillianO.
Jaran was the first Kate Elliott book I read - and I was sold by the end of the first chapter!
Liz J
80. Ellisande
own them in paper, but would love ebook form!
81. Michael McLendon
I want bookz
82. Sarah Kolb-Williams
I'd love to read Kate Elliott -- she's been on my list forever!
Jae Young Kim
83. jazzler
Would love to win the ebooks! Hunted down Jaran thru used book sellers and haven't had the chance to look for the rest of Kate's back catalog :)
84. Margaret K.
I read Jaran as a teenager and loved it, and would love to read the remainder of the series.
85. PLO
I've been reading the Cold Magic series and would love to read another
86. Jody T
I am so excited that these books are back in print! I can't find my copy of Law of Becoming anywhere and I'm going to download this as soon as I can!
88. lorena
I read these initially as they came out and I would love to reread them as ebooks!
87. kateb
Woot. Have these in paper, but e-versions would be nice too. Working on getting the library to buy them for our ebook collection.
89. Yileen Liu
Would love to reread these books!
90. Dennis A
Can't wait to read these!
91. Seabeegirl
Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! *flashback to elementary school* I love Kay's books! :D
94. LoriA
It would be lovely to revisit Jaran. So glad the series is now available as ebooks.
95. Kien
can't wait to read these books!
96. Bethanyfig
Would love this!
97. Katie-
I'd love to read this!
98. Averill Earls
I'm in Ireland until Aug 14, so hopefully this entry still counts...but my permanent address is in New York. I'm working my way backward through her works, looking forward to starting the Jaran series!
99. Elayne169
I would love to have a copy of the Jaran eBooks
100. Kristine M.
I would love to win these.
Peter Czyzewski
101. sebastianelgar
I've enjoyed her newer books, these would be a good addition to my collection.
Jon Moss
102. JonMoss
I've read Jaran and would very much like to finish the series.
103. kriszini
Count me in!
Philip Thomann
104. normalphil
I've read Crown of Stars; I've never read these.
107. Arethusa
Oh! I hadn't realized they'd become available on ebook/Kindle! Wonderful news, it's going on my wishlist if keeping my fingers crossed for this contest doesn't work.
108. MJRawr
would love to win these books!
109. Euphonia
Been a long while since I read the Jaran series, but I do remember that I loved them!
Melissa Shumake
113. cherie_2137
just starting getting into kate elliot's books, would love to win free ebooks!
116. ProfMel
Would love to try these.
119. EAJ...
I've just begun reading Kate Elliott; please enter me in the sweeps.
Cindy Anderson
120. Jubercat
Haven't read these yet, but have heard very good things.
Jordan Frandsen
121. jorgecuervos
This would be perfect. I need a new author.
Steven Wilber
122. DragonReader
Hadn't read her work before. This would be a nice introduction
Sharra Rosichan
124. SharraR
Oh wow... I've had a hard time coming across these books. Please oh please! *fingers crossed*
125. Brasidas
Love these books, so sure why not?
126. Christine L.
This e-book bundle would be a great intro to an author new to me. Thanks for the opportunity!
128. Bj miller
I read Teran in high school I would love to re-read it and the read sequals
129. Argentus
Looks like fun stuff from an author I already like!
130. LJJ
I loved Jaran, but was not able to finish the series. I just finished Cold Steel, so would love ot have the excuse to revisit Ms Elliott's Jaran series.
131. PeregrineAce
So excited that these are available now. I greatly enjoyed Spiritwalker and Crown of Stars and am looking forward to reading more of her work.
132. Clmmm
Books sound really good..
134. SandraG
I love Kate Elliot, I'd love to win these books! :)
137. Sumalmamus
I definitely would love to win these. I just received my Cold Steel in the mail and hope to finish that series this weekend.
138. Javanne
The Jaran series is wonderful because Ellliott takes the time to tell the whole story. I love it!
140. mosaix
Mosaix needs the code! Yes!
141. Wendy E
I love Ms. Elliott's Cold Magic/Fire/Steel seies, and would love to win her other books! Thank you!
142. Laurraine
I'll bite. This sounds like a good deal.
143. Brett M
I've been thinking about trying a book by Kate Elliott and this seems like a good opportunity.
144. Eve Niedergang
Kate Elliott is one of my favorite authors. I've read some of the Jaran series, but not all and would love to continue to explore that world. Last I checked, some of the books were out of print and they weren't available as ebooks. glad to see that that has changed!
145. taylorchristo
Look forward to reading these books. Thank-you for the opportunity.
146. srizzo00
Sign me up!
147. sprintfish
Books please!
149. Nomie
I loved the Spiritwalker Trilogy, so I'd love a chance to read some of Elliott's earlier work!
150. Kat H
I'd love to win these! They're so good!
151. cabri
My Jaran series has been packed away in boxes for so long! It'd be nice if I had it on- hand to read again. :)
152. Jangram
Hooray! My paperback copies are showing their age.
153. Tara D
Give it to me!!!!!!!!! Please . . .
156. Herb003
If it's not too late...
157. Jacey Bedford
I live in the UK. While I was visiting, a friend of mine in Toronto turned me on to the Jaran books, but there was a problem: I could buy three of the four from Bakka, Toronto's great SF bookstore, but the third one, His Conquering Sword, wasn't available. Why let the third book of a quartet go out of print? It seemed like an odd decision by the publishers. By the time I got home I was part way through the second book and I had the fourth one waiting, but I knew I had to read that elusive third book in sequence. Luckily my Toronto friend was willing to lend, but the transatlantic postage cost me way more than buying the book would have done. I've read it, but I returned it like the good friend that I am, and so I still have that gap on my shelves. Having the full quartet on my Kindle would make my collection whole.
160. Poisontaster
Oh, MAN. I adored these books and I've been WAITING for them to (hopefully) come out as ebooks!
Sarah Wolf
161. SWolf
Would love to win copies of Kate's e-books!
162. RLBInNC
I bought the books years ago, and lost them during a move. I'd love to get the chance to re-read the first two and finish off the series.
164. Brian2
Looks like this is the only one of her series published as Kate Elliott I've never tried. Let's see how lucky I am ...
165. m bolton
yeah ,yeah me me me , choose me
166. patryk
cant wait to read this
167. HannahB
I loved her Cold Magic series and only just started the Jaran series this month. I'd love to be entered!

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