Aug 6 2013 12:00pm

Watch the Final Trailer for the Ender’s Game Movie

Ender's Game final trailer

The full and final trailer for Ender's Game has been released and it features way more alien fights and some good stuff from Harrison Ford. (Watch your back, Ender!) The movie comes out on November 1 from Summit Entertainment and Lion's Gate. Watch the trailer below.

If the embedded video below isn't working, you can view it directly at Apple Trailers.

Adam S.
YES! Every preview excites me, I've waited years for an Ender movie to be made. So many second-rate movies to sit through before it comes out.... sigh....
James Hogan
2. Sonofthunder
Yesss...can't wait.

So happy to see the scene on the lake with Valentine - one of my favorite parts in the book.
3. sofrina
are they giving too much away?
Alice Arneson
4. Wetlandernw
I'm really looking forward to this! As with most movie adaptations, though, I think I'll wait to read the book again until after I see the movie. They're always two distinct story-tellings.
David Thomson
5. ZetaStriker
I'm still surprised so much of the preview focuses on the last fourth of the book. Battle school is probably about 70% of the story and it's not even mentioned.
James Hogan
6. Sonofthunder
Wetlander - agree!! Did the same thing with The Hobbit - deliberately avoided reading it before the movie. It made me enjoy it far more than I would have otherwise, I think.

Zeta - yeah, I was thinking the same. I'm hoping it's just trailer-hype...and that the actual movie is more balanced. We shall see.
Melissa Shumake
7. cherie_2137
i don't think they're giving too much away. to those of us who've read the book, we know what the references mean, to those who haven't, it's just more hype.
Eugene Myers
8. ecmyers
I think showing a clip with the line "We should tell him the truth" followed by onscreen text that says "This is no game" might be giving away too much, yeah.
9. Freelancer
I'll remain cautiously optimistic. I believe that the people in charge of this production are intent on presenting the story as faithfully as possible. I have no expectation that it will match the book; that just isn't realistic as has been proven time and again.

I think that the trailers have focused on action and narrow dramatic sequences on purpose. It's hard to convey the mostly internal tensions in any visual media, moreso in short bites to grab attention.

Since it is very likely that success in this production will result in similar re-creations of at least the next two Ender volumes (I can easily imagine screen productions of Speaker and Xenocide, not so much Children), it would be necessary to incorporate as much of the non-action essence as possible.

Part of me was disappointed in the inclusion of the lines referenced by ecmyers @8, as I too see it as spoilerish. Then again, it seems by everything which has so far surrounded the marketing for this movie, that they are aiming more directly at those who know the story.

I showed the trailer to my son, who knows nothing of the story, and his assessment was "Avengers meets Starship Troopers meets Wanted".
10. AcadiaS
Giving away too much? No. This is as iconic as it gets. We all know the story. It is a matter of how much of the process of creating Ender - as both the warrior who ends the war against the buggers, and the last of the Wiggin line - we need to see, and how much the uninitiated need to see for the final battle to make sense. Thinking about Card's remarks on the time limits imposed by both movie endurance and story telling, I would be less satisfied by a 2 minute final battle scene and lengthy build up reliving all the spunky interplay of battle school, than I would a well orchestrated End Game and highlights of how he arrived at the seat of control. I am totally excited for this.
Keith Quigley
11. keithq
Wow, looks pretty exciting. Just wonder how they will handle the big reveal about, oh, you know...
Fer crying out loud, they may have *already* ruined it with the tag line, "It isn't a game." Really? Great, so you mean it is real! No reason to see the movie now (sigh)

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