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Middle-Management is Cool? 6 Outfits Considered For the Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith Doctor Who costume alternativesOne of the most important decisions every Doctor makes is choosing his uniform. Each incarnation has a very specific sense of style, and while the pieces he wears may vary slightly season to season, that first costume works to establish his personality for the remainder of his tenure.

It was said on its reveal that Matt Smith’s initial costume was intended to invoke a sort of “Indiana-Jones-as-Professor” feel, and on the whole, the costume executes that well. But naturally, Matt Smith had a number of items to look through in the wardrobe department, and the Doctor Who Tumblr had some of those options displayed for our enjoyment. Check out the Eleventh Doctors that might have been!

The first option has a very Sherlock vibe to it and is definitely too dark for the playful aspects that Matt Smith amped up so well. But it’s very sharp and slick. A little too business-forward:

Matt Smith Doctor Who costume alternatives


These next two are probably my favorite of the options of the discarded lot—the one on the left looks like a five-year-old got out of bed before his parents woke up, determined to dress himself for once. Totally appropriate for Smith’s Doctor. The plaid on the right gives him a pirate hipster feel that Eleven’s costume still ended up with. Both look like outfits Matt Smith would actually wear on the street:

Matt Smith Doctor Who costume alternatives Matt Smith Doctor Who costume alternatives


Next, an attempt to be brooding with a hint of color, that same striped shirt under a more military-cut coat. It’s pretty, but definitely not his Doctor, or any other Doctor, really. And the one of the right is a variation of the top image, sans coat. He just looks ready for a Mumford and Sons concert, at this rate:

Matt Smith Doctor Who costume alternatives

Matt Smith Doctor Who costume alternatives


And then, like magic, our Eleven appears. You can watch Matt Smith assume the characteristics that we recognize from his Doctor the instant this costume hits his frame—enamored of his new bowtie, inquisitive, searching. Less swagger, more keen and considering:

Matt Smith Doctor Who costume alternatives


So. Very. Cool. What do you think of the whole set? Which variation is your favorite? Any of them strike you as right, or are we good with what we got?

Emily Asher-Perrin would like to steal borrow some of those wardrobe items, if you please. She has written essays for the newly released Doctor Who and Race and Queers Dig Time Lords. You can bug her on Twitter and read more of her work here and elsewhere.

1. Dernhelm
Ahhaa! This is great. I particularly adore the five-year-old variation, lol. Matt is wonderful.
Bridget Smith
2. BridgetSmith
The vest-only one just makes me sad, but I like most of the others. I think I might just like Matt Smith in a long coat. But the absent-minded professor vibe was definitely best for the character (though I did also think his "Raggedy Doctor" outfit, left over from Ten, suited him well).

The first picture reminds me of him on Party Animals, too.
3. Blake Harrison
Emily Asher-Perrin,

I just wanted to say that I always enjoy your articles on here. Even if an article looks like something I'm not interested in, I usually give it a read if it's one of yours.

4. Cybersnark
Of course Waldo is a Time Lord. How could he not be?
Alan Brown
5. AlanBrown
It all makes me wonder, what will 12 pick? I, for one, will miss the bow tie and braces...not to mention the occasional fez...
6. Kats
I think his bow tie did suit him best -- some of those make him look REALLY too young (although the way he was able to play the 1,000-year-old man in the young body probably would have overcome that); my favorite of the discarded looks was the dark one, I think.

Very nearly the Best Doctor Ever (Two still edges him out for me, just a little... and I don't think Matt would mind that).
7. Jerun22
Yes, bow ties are always cool!!!
Kayla Beck
8. kaylabeck
The five-year-old outfit was cute and would have suited him (I agree), but nothing will ever beat the bow-tie and fez!
9. Athene
I really enjoy the one with the military cut coat, I think that would have suited the character if they chose to go down a bit darker path. Also love the five-year-old look, it's ADORABLE. And the first one makes him look like sherlock holmes. Also, his suspenders are twisted.

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