Aug 22 2013 11:00pm

Ben Affleck is the New Batman (Who Will Fight Superman)!

Ben Affleck batman

The only question anyone has had since the sequel to Man of Steel was announced as a Superman vs. Batman film is: Who is the new Bruce Wayne? After a million rumors insisting that Christian Bale was going to reprise the role, we finally have an answer...

It's Ben Affleck! And that could be so eyeroll-worthy considering his many disappointing turns in roles from Armageddon to Gigli, but let's stop and consider for a moment. Ben Affleck is actually a pretty fabulous actor when given meatier roles. He impressed in Hollywoodland as George Reeves, the actor who played Superman in the 1950s Superman television show, and this year at the Oscars, his film Argo won big. Choosing to bring him in on the project is a very interesting move in letting fans know how serious they are about the new Batman. (We'll just ignore Dardevil here. Because we have to.)

Affleck will be playing an older Bruce Wayne opposite Henry Cavill's youthful Superman, which gives us an idea of the dynamic they're looking for between this duo to begin, first as enemies, and hopefully later as friends. It bodes pretty darn well for the sequel.

From Greg Silverman at Warner Bros.:

“We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics' most enduringly popular superheroes, and Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill, and then some. His outstanding career is a testament to his talent, and we know he and Zack will bring new dimension to the duality of this character.”

And we'll keep ignoring Daredevil here. Because we have to.

Gregg Anderson
1. digrifter
Holy crap Batman!

This could either be the WORST or BEST decision for a DC Comics movie franchise.

Here's hoping he surprises the world, much like Michael Keaton did all those years ago.
Daniel Castellanos
2. TheEightChandrian
"We'll just ignore Dardevil here. Because we have to."
Hell yes.
I'm a big Batman fan and I'm not happy with this.
Brent Longstaff
3. Brentus
I'm just glad it's not Bale or Gordon-Levitt (although I think both are great). It would cheapen the Dark Knight trilogy to have crossover sequels tacked on to its continuity, so getting a new Batman is the right thing to do. I hope Affleck does a good job. By the way, has anyone else noticed that when he looks straight at the camera with his mouth closed, he looks like H.P. Lovecraft?
Valde Garcia
4. Valde Garcia
Affleck was OK on Argo and Good Will Hunting, just for saying something to his advantage.
I blame director Mark Steven Johnson for Daredevil, the 2 Ghost Rider movies, Elektra and other minor irrelevant disasters.
Ben and Snyder just got to do a good job.
Valde Garcia
5. Jerun22
I was so hoping they would choose Richard Armitage or Karl Urban for Batman. But then I read this shocker.

My only qualm with Affleck is that he can be pretty wooden at times. As far as choices for great roles are considered, Michael Keaton had almost the same response, and Daniel Craig was derided. We all know how much everyone was wrong.

Hoping for the best here.
Valde Garcia
6. James Mazzarelli
What I want to know is why would Batman and Superman ever been enemies?
Valde Garcia
7. Muneca
*face palm* GROAN! I can't express how disappointed I am why does Batman even need to be in this. I don't get it.
Daniel Holm
8. dholm
Affleck is best when he's playing supporting rather than leading roles (at least in my opinion). He was great in Good Will Hunting, for instance.
Liz J
9. Ellisande
@6 The Dark Knight Returns is the most famous, but there are other stories in which Superman is kind of fascist and Batman doesn't get along with him. In the comics they're often uneasy allies at best (Batman frequently tells Superman to stay out of Gotham). After Man of Steel, it makes sense that Batman doesn't trust Clark at all.

I think Affleck will be fine - he can act and at least Daredevil gave him experience in a similar suit. And let's be honest, while in the Bat-suit, it doesn't matter too much who it is.

Actually I hope this'll lead to him directing something for DC/WB, because god knows they need more directors on their properties who actually like comics. Heck, at this point, I'd be all for him to write and direct Wonder Woman, even if he set it in Boston.
Valde Garcia
10. j malcolm stewart
To echo the comment said above by digrifter, there no net here for Time/Warner. This will be a decision that will either work 1000% or sink their future hopes. Not sure about this one...
Kent Aron Vabø
11. sotgnomen
I like Ben Affleck and his acting (dont mention ze daredevil!), but he is one of those actors who always puts a lot of himself into the part, like pitt and dicaprio. I like totally think batman needs more method, man. And I am trying to picture him with the voice and the cowl and the authoritie, but I get nothing. To be fair though, I am crap at that kind of thing.
Valde Garcia
12. JM1001
Thank you for mentioning Hollywoodland. Affleck was great in that movie. Too bad it didn't get more attention. He really is a good actor when he gets those "meatier" roles.

Here's to hoping he proves all the haters wrong.
Matthew Schmeer
13. mwschmeer
You know this is gonna suck, right? He won an Oscar, so now he is cursed.
Christopher Bennett
14. ChristopherLBennett
I've seen it pointed out that this will make Affleck the first actor to have played both Batman and Superman, although technically he only played someone playing Superman. But it occurs to me that, since he played George Reeves, this will be the second time he's played a character who considered himself at odds with Superman.
Dave Thompson
15. DKT
I like Affleck a lot. He was great in The Town. I think he's an actor to reckon with, and I hope we get to see more of his work behind the camera too.

But what concerns me is that this film is no longer a Superman movie/sequel. Maybe it was never intended to be...but this casting makes me think it'll be as much a Batman movie as a Superman one. (Maybe that's okay. We'll have to wait a few years to find out.)
Valde Garcia
16. Richard Mayhew
Also starring Matt Damon as Alfred.
Mouldy Squid
17. Mouldy_Squid
Interesting choice. However, I don't think Affleck has the gravitas to play Batman, especially an older Batman. Yes, he might have the acting chops, but his face and body type are pretty much all wrong. He's too slim, too trim, too fine featured. We all remember what happened the last time the cast a slim and fine featured actor as Batman.

Truth be told, though, I am tired of comic book movies. I am tired of crappy reboots and remakes. I want something original, something new. Superman vs. Batman isn't; in fact, it's just a cynical attempt to pander to comics fans to put money into DC comic's movie fund.
John Thompson
18. Fuzzy_Dunlop
Ben should stick to directing, it's his strength, and he seems to be one of the few directors who can get a decent performance out of Ben Affleck.

Other then that all I have to say is "Holy miscasting Batman!"
Valde Garcia
19. Bartleby T. Shannon
Joseph James
20. wjames1204
I'm not ready to write this off as a bad decision.

Look at what Heath Ledger did with his role as the Joker. Before hearing of his casting in Dark Knight, I wouldn't have thought him an ideal fit, but then his performance was magnificent. He played a character that differed completely to most (if not all) the roles I had previously seen him take on.

I think a lot of Afleck's success/failure will depend on the writing and how the writers portray Batman. We'll all have to wait to see the result but I don't necessarily think this is a poor casting without seeing the writing and how he handles it.
Christopher Bennett
21. ChristopherLBennett
@20: That's exactly what worries me. I think George Clooney could've been a great Batman, and an even better Bruce. He's shown in other movies that he can pull off that kind of character. But he was saddled with a script and a vision of the character that didn't let him be what he had the potential to be. At this point, nothing I've heard about MoS 2 gives me any hope that they'll get the character right, regardless of the talent of his portrayer.
Valde Garcia
22. RobertX
No, just no. Did they not see Daredevil? Ugh.
Rich Bennett
23. Neuralnet
::worried:: This does not sound promising. Also, does this mean Gotham city is now Boston -LOL?
Valde Garcia
24. RoaRDawg
This is not a good hire. Ben can direct a film, but his acting is so boring. He was awful in Argo. He's like the new Keanu Reeves. He thinks acting is all about blank stares. I hope this bombs.
Valde Garcia
25. Lynne Stringer
As a long term Doctor Who fan, on many occasions I've looked at the new actor chosen to play the Doctor and said, 'He's no good!' I'm nearly always proved wrong. I think I'll reserve my judgement until I see him in action.
John McClay
26. jmcclay3
I think some people feel the negative reaction to Ben being cast is a bit unfair, but I'm not one of those people. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to cast goofy-ass, smiley, Boston accent, Ben frickin Affleck? When I heard the news, I thought it was a bad joke, so waited a few hours for someone to tell me it wasn't true. Unfortunately, that never happened. I'm not saying Ben is talentless or that he can't act at all, but I am saying he has no bussiness being Batman.

First off, Batman is an extremely famous character that shouldn't be filled by another extremely famous face. Ben comes with a whole persona and history that really isn't suited to taking on a character that needs almost a blank canvas. Why not just recast George Clooney or lets do a blonde Batman and stick in Brad Pitt. It's just so ridiculous.

Second, Ben doesn't have the qualities to play Bruce Wayne or Batman. He is neither suave nor cool. He needs a certain amount of debonair, cool factor, while also being able to pull off dark and dangerous. I'm sorry, but Ben is none of those things.
Valde Garcia
27. Michael M
Don't forget, technically Gotham City is in New Jersey (if you look at maps), so an East Coast actor will be fine. Affleck has the physicality (see the Town and Daredevil ). And if he didn't, there's time to get him there. Bale cycled 100 lbs between Batman roles.
And as others have pointed out, Heath Ledger was roundly criticized as being unlike anything people thought could play Joker. So there.
In other words, give them a chance.
Christopher Bennett
28. ChristopherLBennett
@26: Funny, I just read an article that takes pretty much the exact opposite position on every point you made--that it works to cast a famous face as Batman, that Affleck has just the right qualities for Bruce/Batman, etc. Which just goes to show how subjective this all is.
Valde Garcia
29. HeWhoComesWithTheNoon
Referencing Daredevil makes no sense. Was acting the problem in that movie? They could have had young Marlon Brando in that role and that movie would have stunk. I don't know if Affleck can pull off Batman, but I actually think he works pretty perfectly as Bruce Wayne. We'll see.
Christopher Bennett
30. ChristopherLBennett
I don't think Daredevil was that bad. The theatrical release was a mess, but that was the fault of the studio-imposed editing. The director's cut, while still flawed, is a much better movie overall. And I don't recall having any problem with Affleck in the lead role.
rebekah fletcher
31. rfresa
Ben Affleck is a terrific actor (I've been a fan since Voyage of the Mimi). I liked Daredevil a lot, and I think this will be an interesting pairing. Batman has been played by so many actors that to say the part somehow belongs to Christian Bale (who I also love, but not as Batman) is just silly.
Valde Garcia
32. Dovile
I have nothing against Affleck, and I even liked Daredevil, but him as Batman? No. He looks all wrong, and I would have preferred someone less well known and a bit older than Cavil's Superman (like, as if Batman was already active in Gotham long before Superman came, only most people considered him to be just an urban legend).

Well, if Affleck puts on a lot of muscle (look, how that changed Cavill's and Bale's looks) and plays it dark and gritty and very different from his other roles, then maybe... After Ledger's Joker, I'd say everything's possible.
Christopher Bennett
33. ChristopherLBennett
@32: Hugh Jackman looks all wrong for Wolverine -- he's a foot too tall and not nearly as scruffy -- but he worked out pretty well. And Idris Elba doesn't look a thing like Heimdall, but few people complained after seeing his performance.

Heck, none of the actors who've played Batman in live action have looked a thing like the Bruce Wayne of the comics, except George Clooney and maybe Robert Lowery from the 1949 serial.

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