Aug 27 2013 12:25pm

This Fake Batman/Superman Trailer is Already Better Than the Real Thing

Now that we know who Batman will be in the 2015 sequel to Man of Steel (and who we’d like Lex Luthor to be), we have a pretty good idea of how the Batman/Superman film will play out.

Or do we? YouTube mash-up artist Soylent Brak 1 has pieced together a 2 minute trailer out of various footage involving the principals and it plays so smoothly it’s like we’re watching the real thing. Check it out.

Hey Superman, that light? At the end of the tunnel? That’s not heaven. THAT’S THE C TRAIN!

3. benguardian
Well done!
Gregg Anderson
4. digrifter
Take all the money!

That was very well done!
Sky Thibedeau
5. SkylarkThibedeau
My only worry is the Superman/Batman movie is what is showing in time square when the I Am Legend virus hits.
Daniel Castellanos
7. TheEightChandrian
Until now the idea of Luthor appearing in the series wasn't appealling to me. But after this trailer...
I see it this way. Luthor is running for president. As a president I'd see him as a more dangerous figure. Lana is investigating him and finds out he's corrupt, bad, bla bla bla. Wayne is also worried and talks with Lana, they're against Luthor and somehow Kent ends up defending Luthor because well he's "with the government" so Batman and Wayne crashes.. or well I don't know. Wayne and Lana working together against Luthor sounds good to me (as is closer to the support Lana shows to Batman's return in the comics).
8. Corcoran
Please make a music free version. Nobody in Germany can watch that, GEMA blocks it because of the Music......
Shaka Jamal
10. FaceofYo!
I am acutally desiring a Teen Titans movie more than a Justice Leauge. Go Figure :)

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