Jul 19 2013 1:05pm

Everything Adds Up to Nothing: Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem Trailer

Terry Gilliam The Zero Theorem trailer

A trailer for Zero Theorem has leaked! Take a look at it below before it's yanked!

Could it be that the movie gods have finally taken pity on us, after years of pleas, and allowed Terry Gilliam to finish a movie? Principal photography on Zero Theorem, Gilliam’s new film with Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz has wrapped, and Bleeding Cool has some of the first images from the film via Empire Online!

Here’s an interview with Gilliam, conducted during preproduction of the film, about how he came to the project. The first 10 minutes of the film were screened on Thursday at San Diego Comic Con and portrayed a colorful and bleakly funny extrapolation of the future from the current day, where consumerism and surveillance wind ever tighter around the neck of society and one man tries desperately to prove that everything adds up to nothing. (i.e. the titular “zero theorem.”)

Take a look at the trailer!

For more information on Zero Theorem, check out this live blog by Kristal Bailey over on ScreenInvasion.

1. wingracer
That looked kinda...


I don't know...


2. 27B-6
2 \int YES d(YES) = (YES)^2
Stephen Sywak
3. Boothby171
You had me at, "Terry Gilliam..."

Every film this guy has made has been unique, amazing, and awesome.

They will stand the test of time.
Alan Courchene
4. Majicou
Why is the guy on the billboard dressed as Lupin III?
5. Darth Touma Post.. Early 2014, anyone? I am lining up for this NOW..

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