Jul 15 2013 12:45pm

Zachary Quinto Says Star Trek 3 Will Start Filming Next Year, Everyone Excessively Relieved

Zachary Quinto gave a public interview on July 12 and dropped some hints on what plans are being made regarding the next Star Trek film, including J.J. Abrams’ involvement with Trek in general! Let’s see what they’ve got for us....

According to Z-Quintz, plans are to start shooting in 2014: “Star Trek 3 should be filming, I suppose, next year. It’s going to be made a lot quicker than the last one. That’s the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet.”

Quicker is what most of us were hoping for, so it’s something of a relief to know that’s what they’re shooting for. Without commenting further on it, Quinto also revealed that Abrams is still planning to direct the film—something that the entertainment world had thought unlikely given his involvement in Star Wars: Episode VII.

Will Abrams stick around? Moving production on Trek 3 up might make sense in terms of his Star Wars schedule; if he can get filming for it out of the way early on next year, that would give him plenty of time still to work on the new trilogy. If Abrams can’t do it, though, who else could direct the reboot cast?

News via Buzzhub

F Shelley
1. FSS
So sinceSpock didn't die, I guess they can't do Star Trek III. on to the one with the whales, right?
Mouldy Squid
2. Mouldy_Squid
Yes, I am excessively relieved that they won't be making a good Star Trek movie.

Why break with tradition?
Darth Touma
3. Darth Touma
The whales were in IV.. you can still do that it Spock gets some sort of amnesia..
Mike Conley
4. NomadUK
If Abrams can’t do it, though, who else could direct the reboot cast?

The homeless guy selling The Big Issue outside the Co-op could probably do the job just as well, and he could use the money.
Jenny Thrash
5. Sihaya
Oh, Jon Favreau. He'd inject some color back into the scenery, he works well with actors, and he would punch up the dialogue. At the same time, he wouldn't mess with what already works in the films, because he doesn't believe in fixing what's not broken.
Jenny Thrash
7. Sihaya
#6: Do you want to kill off a major character?
Darth Touma
8. SueQ
So the 3rd movie should be out before or on the 50th anniversary of Star Trek TOS beginning. Good. We (the original fans) aren't getting any younger. No reason not to do a 4th or 5th or 6th as well. Keep them coming.
Darth Touma
9. cosplayfan
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Darth Touma
10. DJ.
Well they've already rattled the Klingons cage, but some borg action would make a better movie. and what about the green hottie? I was hoping she'd be in the darkness also but noooo.... two awesome movies definitely keep them going man! And I suppose, Kon will be thawing out at some point & who would've thought that Sherlock Holmes would have made a good bad guy?

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